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Oblivion fun videos[edit]

Hey, monkey-man

May I humbly (*cough*) propose my vid?


Da Bunny

I'm not sure if that's going to pass my quality standard (i.e., no spandex clad ninja babes wielding fish weapons). J/k. That's pretty awesome actually (though the Sheo part of me is screaming, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY ESCORTS!!! AAARRGHHH!!") Okay, give me a little bit -- I'll add it soon. --Wrye 16:59, 30 August 2007 (EDT)

Staying Alive (Adoring Fan Remix)[edit]

How about this for the main page (as cribbed from the Bethesda Blog) [1] --RpehTalk 02:48, 9 October 2007 (EDT)

Hmm... Eggr's not totally too my taste. A little too much slacker nihilism? Still I just saw his warming up video and that was fairly cool (though pretty random). --Wrye 15:08, 9 October 2007 (EDT)


The page has been here for quite a while and is in accord with a previous policy discussion on the Community Portal. However, I agree that it's worth discussing. However, I'm short of time at the moment, and so lets hold off action until we have a chance to discuss (probably this weekend). (See also A's List of Recommended Mods#Moving. --Wrye 01:55, 10 June 2008 (EDT)

Found some time. For continued discussion, see UESPWiki_talk:Authored_Lists. --Wrye 19:41, 10 June 2008 (EDT)

Lost that vote! Moved. --Wrye 00:24, 4 December 2008 (EST)

Fraps Video Making Guide[edit]

I spent countless hours making a comprehensive guide for OBlivion players on how to use Fraps to make Oblivion videos, how to encode it, and other recommendations. There's also a bunch of other stuff. Everything is available at:

May I suggest you add it to your uesp video list? The description of my guide & stuff at the Tes Nexus site is below:

Fraps is arguably the best PC game FPS benchmarking and gameplay video recording software available today. However, it lacks a graphing and FPS analysis function for the FPS benchmarks it outputs. That's where my FPS Grapher comes in.

My FPS Grapher takes FPS benchmarks from Fraps and graphs it along with valuable statistical information.

Also included is a guide I call the Ultimate Fraps Gameplay Recording & FPS Benchmarking Guide. This guide covers these topics:

1. FPS 2. Setting up Fraps 3. Using Fraps for FPS benchmarking 4. Using Fraps for gameplay video recording 5. How to overcome the 30 second video recording limitation of the free version of Fraps 6. Using Windows Movie Maker to edit your Fraps videos 7. Doing the final compression of your finished video 8. Balancing video file size vs. video quality 9. Specific information on uploading your videos 10. Recommended mods to aid in video recording & increasing FPS 11. The best Oblivion console commands to aid in video recording 12. Links to the best Oblivion videos

  • Plus other stuff not listed here*

The guide is 33 pages, which attests to its comprehensiveness and detail. However, don't be frightened by its length: it is organized professionally and has a table of contents, so you can just skip to the section you want to learn what you want.

Included with my FPS Grapher and guide are 81 custom Movie Maker profiles which cover every conceivable computer resolution at many different quality settings. This is essential for HD Oblivion gameplay video encoding using Windows Movie Maker.

Also included is a well-researched Recommended Oblivion Mod List of 234 mods of what I found were the best mods IMO for FPS enhancement and general game enhancement. The mods are organized and color-coded by category.

In case someone wants a quick sneak peak at what my FPS Grapher does and how it works, I made a HD video which introduces and showcases my FPS Grapher. It is available at the link under the mirrors tab.

The video is also available for download under the files tab which would appear higher quality than the YouTube version.

Feel free to comment, offer suggestions, or ask questions. My e-mail is:

Useful though it seems to be, it's not a fun Oblivion Video -- so it doesn't fit the intent of the page. Nice work though! --Wrye 20:57, 30 August 2009 (UTC)