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My favorite equipment[edit]

I change my clothings alot, but this is my favorite set:

Name Type Effects
Head Wizard's Hood Arch-Mage's Hood+Sigil Stone Fortify Magicka 50pts
Upper Mankar Camoran's Robe Unique Item Reflect Damage 10%
Spell Absorption 20pts
Foot Shining Shoes White Mage's Shoes+Sigil Stone Spell Absorption 15pts
Hands Shining Bracers Wrist Irons+Sigil Stone Spell Absorption 15pts
Amulet Spelldrinker Amulet Artifact Spell Absorption 26pts
Rings Sorcerer's Ring Generic Magic Ring Spell Absorption 25pts
Fortify Magicka 25pts
Ring of Vitality Resist Disease 100%
Resist Paralysis 100%
Resist Poison 100%
Weapon Left and Right hands
Shield Escutcheon of Chorrol Artifact Fortify Endurance 10pts
Reflect Damage 35%


  • Magicka: 499 (110+2 Int)
  • Health: 600 (if I remember correctly) (level 43)

A large Magicka pool and 100% absorb allows unlimited cast of powerful spells with 100% effectiveness, adding Telekinesis to them.
100% absorb and 100% Resist Poison makes it inmune to any elemental damage or harmful effect, including Silence.
100% Resist Paralysis saves from reflected own paralysis spells.
With 45% Reflect Damage the character takes about half damage from meele, however this character has Zero Armor Rating, but as a Master in Alteration that's not usually a problem.
In aesthetic terms, I love it. As an Altmer with Mankar Camoran's Robe and Spelldrinker Amulet(wich looks like the Amulet of Kings due to a bug**), it's a Mankar Camoran's clone :D
The Wrist Irons look weird on him but they are the only non-armor gloves out there.

**PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.


Description Notes
Sandbox1 Miscellany, mainly about spells. My playground
Sandbox2 Other Dremoras. Pretty much abandoned
Sandbox3 Experiments with parser functions for transclusion Successful
Sandbox4 Empty
Powers Shows wich Powers are not affected by Silence. Completed
Chain Spells Brainstorming about spell chaining, a complex way to cast spells without spending magicka. Long dead