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Keep in mind I'm still adding download links so for now search on Google for the mods if you want them. Also, I still haven't added all my mods.


Mods I've made[edit]

• Houses Extended - Cheydinhal - Part of a series of mods that I hope to make. Adds a back yard complete with sword training and a basement to the Cheydinhal house.
• Godweapon FTW - A godweapon. Basically, if I get really stuck in Oblivion or somewhere, I get out my godsword. Bit of a cheat, but hey.

Mods By Others[edit]

MuffinShare - Epic win mod, though a bit of a cheat I guess, but still pretty cool.
DMAC - Extremly good armor mod, adds Assassin's Creed armor, wristblade and other weapons, and some red and black variants.
Wearable Amulet of Kings - Does what's on the can, great and very useful mod.
wz_Inventory - Brilliant inventory mod, but there are some glitches and it doesn't work on containers unfortuantly. But still pretty good.


I have a number of Morrowind mods, however I can't check what they are because my disc kinda got stolen.

Mod Ideas[edit]

This section is for me, or anyone really, to note down mod ideas that I might have a go at doing. So if you've got something really cool, post it! And remember to sign your post ;) One last thing, don't crazy. Seriously, I'm not going to remake Oblivion from scratch or anything. Also, I'm not doing anything for Morrowind for a while with it being stolen.

Oblivion Ideas[edit]

• Doing houses extended for all the other houses (not Anvil, though) UnrealFragger 16:52, 7 April 2011 (UTC)
• A proper Anvil house UnrealFragger 16:52, 7 April 2011 (UTC)

• A horse-pulled cart for storage. Lanterns included for a light-source. Good for immersion. Lemire747

• Maybe a good idea would be to create a playable faction for the Imperial Guards with quests or maybe a new magic type such as necromancy been able to reanimate the dead with out the staff of worms and for longer periods of time the higher your level. signed Lee Geoghegan

• It might not be practical, but since the Imperial City house (shack) is central in the map, perhaps you could improve storage in the main cell, then add a hatch to a basement, with even greater storage and minor display area. If you are really ambitious, try including a sub-basement, linked into the Imperial City Sewers, Temple district. Or go even further, and link it into Fort Homestead, via a tunnel under Lake Rumare. It's insane to think of turning that shack into a palace, but making it more unusual should be possible. - Neural Tempest 16:39, 26 April 2011 (UTC)

•It would be interesting if you could make a small town or village with some basic shop places, maybe a guild hall for the fighters guild, just outside the walls of Battlehorn Castle, then enclose the space to make it a city. Then you could do a questline with it, like you have to defend it from some enimies from Hammerfell or something. I have also noticed an Oblivion Gate opens up near the castle, so perhaps you could make it part of the Allies For Bruma quest. Signed: Biowarejak

--Would it be at all possible to put Oblivion onto Skyrim's new game engine? I suspect that would be more of a Skyrim mod than an Oblivion mod, but it might be pretty damned cool nonetheless.

it would be sweet to pehaps get a gun prototype, slingshot, grappling hook, boomarang, links green outfit from any zelda game, create canpfires,bedroll to sleep anywere, bombs, or a pet af anykind like a walking goldfish or a kangaroo or something just some ideas not claiming there good but some are def unique

-It would be awesome to have a Black Horse Courier questline. You could do something like delivering packages or mail, hunting down people to interview, or even finding supplies to print the papers! Say a group of bandits attacked the supply line and stole the gear, you could get paid to do mercenary work and hunt down the supplies only to find out hat one of the new employies sold the supply line information to the bandits! Signed: Matt0masters

A cool mod would be having pet attack dogs that can help find treasure and attack enemies.