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I made this page mostly to eliminate those accursed red link signatures, but this page could possibly be useful for other purposes.

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I have a knack for knowing knickknacks of knowledge. I can slave over the most repetitive tasks for extremely long durations, but such determination often leads to less than satisfactory outcomes.

I have actually scanned the entire map from the "Game of The Year" Edition onto my computer, and use the program Geometer's Sketchpad to plot hundreds of useful points on the thing. The map was so big that I had to scan it in 6 sections, all of which I pasted together seemlessly. Here's the fun Part: I Scanned at 600 DPI resolution. The final full map, in perfectly detailed Bitmap format, is (seriously) 95.4 MB.


I made my first anti-vandalism edit April 21, 2011. Flipped it back in only 1 minute 18 seconds (beat that) after it was posted. Poor Quill-Weave was given extra skills (not in a good way).

Elder Scrolls Experience[edit]

I have "Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition" for XBox 360, and have grown to hate Bethesda for creating such an addictive game. Honestly, I have spent well over 350 hours playing/watching this RPG, and I am still learning new tricks (mostly with spells and magicka).

Characters: Oblivion[edit]

I'm a Breton with a Mundane Ring! I'm invincible! After finding an Amulet of Axes, and Ring of the Iron Fist, I cranked up the difficulty and still survive anything. Ring of vitality is useless, because with my Bound Claymore, any diseased critter uses melee attacks, and can never get close enough, and only vampires can match me in range, but Resist Disease doesn't work on Porphyric Hemophilia. So, I just run around in the Dark Shirt and Black Wide Pants I found early on, and have few true challenges (Running around Frostfire Glade with bare feet, taking no damage is just plain funny).

I'm somewhere in the 40s when it comes to levels, and this character should peak at level 55.

I actually had to stop levelling effeciently after level 34, because +5/+5/+5 or +5/+5/+1 would cause me to max attributes before skills.

Ongoing Experiments[edit]



  • I am dappling in the formating of Userboxes and variables/Parser Functions.
  • I hope that it can't be classed as experimental at this point, but I founded, forged, and smithed a brand new WIP Slip template for the master pages of sandboxes.


Any Editor should feel free to post information on my Talk page. If there is anything you think I should know, feel free to add (the more details, the better).