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A note to anyone who happens to read this[edit]

This is, obviously, a very very rough draft of a walkthrough for Sundercliff Watch. It's a large enough area that I felt it would be a good idea to draft it first and actually write the thing afterward. If you've any comments, advice, criticism, whatever, please let me know on my talk page. Input will definitely be helpful.

Do keep in mind that it's my first time through SW, so there's going to be information that's, at best, wildly inaccurate. Also, other things, like the entrance/exit lists and the enemy/chest counts (most of which falls under the "wildly inaccurate" category, I'm sure), will be rendered moot when the CS data is put in. Until then, though, I figured it couldn't hurt to include, at the very least, estimates of everything. It'll probably help organise my thoughts too.

One last thing: this whole thing could be pointless given there's a (quest) walkthrough at the page for the quest itself. So if one of your first thoughts when you see this is something along the lines of "Why is this here? We've already got one of these," it would be quite useful if you left that for me as well. (Of course, if that's the case, advice/criticism wouldn't be needed.)

Anyway, on with the show.

Here's where it actually starts[edit]

Potions of Cure Disease suggested (especially for stealth-based characters), due to presence of Tunnel Cough and, later on, Porphyric Hemophilia.

Sundercliff Watch[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 1 door to Nibenay Basin, 1 door to Sundercliff Village

Chests: 2

Enemies: 9

Basic directions: Enter, dispose of three enemies. Chest along east wall. At end of tunnel, check abandoned sack for the Small Diary. Open door with password, kill steward. Note jewels on table. Three more enemies (one sleeping) in large area beyond steward. Chest in NE corner of small area downstairs. Large room with entrance to Village - two enemies on lower level. Quite easy to drop onto ledges and snipe from there.

Sundercliff Village[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 1 Sundercliff Watch, 2 Sundercliff Commune, 1 Sundercliff Forge, 2 Canteen, 1 Private Attic, 3 Recruit Barracks (one on roof), 1 Jail, 1 Soldier Lodgings

Chests: 8

Enemies: 15 (plus Morag Tong Assassin)

Basic directions: Will exit into village proper at SW corner. To the left (north) is a campfire - enemies possibly seated here. Ahead is the Canteen. Two entrances - upper and lower levels. Encountered two enemies on top level of Canteen. One chest immediately to the right of the upper door. Another chest lower level, just inside the dining area. Go across bridge in front of upper door to reach a locked Private Attic. 1-2 enemies inside. Chest at foot of bed. Continue around behind Private Attic. Encountered enemy training on wooden target here. Farther north, near Forge entrance. One enemy standing near door, likely on patrol. Two enemies on balcony of Recruit Barracks. 3 entrances to R. Barracks: lower, upper, and roof. Enter through roof or upper level (end up being right next to each other), chest at foot of bed. Another chest in room with two more beds. No enemies in RB, though there were the first time I came through. Mandrake Root in cupboard in SE corner of lower level (always? the contents of the cupboard were the same for two different sets of spawns) - useful to cure disease. Exit through roof trapdoor and go straight ahead to reach the Jail. Morag Tong Assassin located here. (Note: almost definitely will not respawn.) Jailor's Letter gives an idea of why he's here. Two choices: kill (get his armor) or release (will assassinate the Drothmeri Commander later). Exit Jail. Two more enemies still patrolling. Four more show up (in tunnels?). In Soldier Lodgings: one chest to the right after entry. One enemy sleeping upstairs. Jewelry Box on table upstairs at head of bed. Back outside, down tunnel to lower Sundercliff Commune entrance. 2 Keen Edge potions on one of the stages. Chest next to podium on second stage.

Other notes:

  • Take notice of Hutches. May contain useful potions.
  • Can reach ledge above Forge entrance for sniping.

Sundercliff Commune[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 2 Sundercliff Village, 1 Frathen Drothan's Quarters, 1 Yeoman's Quarters, 2 Veteran's Lodge, 1 Commander's Quarters, 1 Excavated Ruin

Chests: 6 (two boss-level)

Enemies: 12

Basic directions: From upper entrance: chest next to crate at entry to large cavern. One enemy patrolling scaffold along the east wall. Another on small raised platform next to chasm. Chest on the eastern platform. One archer practicing on a box on the eastern side of a building (same side of chasm). Another enemy patrolling across bridge and next to archer. Yeoman's Quarters: One enemy, one chest (locked). Flawed Topaz and Flawed Sapphire on shelf on south wall. Potato patch with a Laborer tending it in NW corner, behind Commander's Quarters. Can reach roof of Veteran's Lodge from upper level - could be useful to snipe from. One enemy patrolling walkway in front of VL. Chest at base of walkway, next to stairs. Veteran's Lodge: Two enemies, one upper level, one lower. One chest at foot of bed on upper level, one boss-level chest opposite fireplace on lower level. Following tunnel next to VL leads to the entrance to Varsa Baalim. Two enemies outside door. With high enough Acrobatics skill, it's possible to jump onto the broken column on the northern wall, then step to the shelf along the wall. Easy, easy sniping. (Plenty of fall damage, though.) Frathen Drothan's Quarters: two Scrolls of Transmutation, one Gold Nugget, three Iron Ores on table next to door. One Varla Stone near top of bookshelf, two Trichobezoar Extract near bottom. Drothan's Journal on table near stairs. Check the Treatise on Ayleidic Cities for a bit more insight into the history of Varsa Baalim and its inhabitants. Opening the false wall (with a Very Hard lock) just to the left of the bookcase leads to seven more Scrolls of Transmutation. Commander's Quarters: Drothmeri Commander here. One boss-level chest on upper level, near punching bag. Enchanted Bezoar and jewelry box on table next to bed. Return to Sundercliff Village and head to the Forge.

Sundercliff Forge[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 1 Sundercliff Village, 1 Forgemaster Tent, 1 Sundercliff Mines

Chests: 0

Enemies: 2

Basic directions: Left and right paths both lead to the same place. Two enemies patrolling corridors. Right path has a small offshoot that dead-ends; seemingly nothing notable here. Down corridor where left/right paths connect: door to Sundercliff Mines.

Sundercliff Mines[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 2 Sundercliff Forge

Chests: 2

Enemies: 12

Basic directions: Follow corridor to large cavern. Numerous Laborers in the area. Drothmeri patrol the area as well. One Laborer (with a Drothmeri supervising or something) are on the platform directly in front of the entrance, with one enemy patrolling a little way down. One more enemy to the left (east) of the entrance, near a rock-filled wheelbarrow. One enemy mining in the SW corner, on a platform. Two enemies (one patrolling) through the eastern tunnel. Another on a second platform farther down. Chest next to tent at far end of tunnel. Two more patrollers after the tunnel starts going west. Upper level. Chest next to some crates on the right of the tunnel's entrance. Two enemies near tents in NW corner.

Sundercliff Forge, Again[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 2 Sundercliff Mines, 1 Forgemaster Tent, 1 Sundercliff Village

Chests: 1 (one boss-level)

Enemies: 6

Basic directions: Follow newly-revealed pathway to larger area. The Weapons Apprentice and another enemy here. Four (!) more (including the Armor Apprentice came to their aid. Apprentice's Note on table. Another larger area farther down - must be where the Armor Apprentice and his minions belong. Letter Home on table here. Forgemaster stands outside his tent, though he must enter it at some point. Inside the tent are the second Bezoar, some jewels, and a boss-level chest. Run up the tunnel and pull the rope to lower a wall directly next to the door back to the Sundercliff Village. Head back through the Village and Commune to the entrance to Varsa Baalim and place the Bezoars in the holders.

Excavated Ruin[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 1 Sundercliff Commune, 1 Varsa Baalim

Chests: 0

Enemies: 0

Basic directions: Straightforward. Follow corridor.

Varsa Baalim[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 1 Excavated Ruin, 2 Cava Arpenia, 2 Cava Beldameld, 2 Cava Marspanga, 1 The Nefarivigum

Chests: 9

Enemies: 7 (quite variable - depends on who wins the fighting among the vampires and Drothmeri)

Basic directions: I'm not even going to try to describe the enemy locations here; it's too sprawling. If there's one with a unique name, though, I'll point that out. Ayleid Cask behind semicircled wall along SE side. Jump over wall (needs pretty good Acrobatics skill) or navigate around to a gap in the wall (involves going into the center of the area) to reach. It's possible to bypass going through Cava Beldameld with some crafty jumping and good/fortified Acrobatics skill. Ayleid Casks hidden around - keep an eye out. Need to enter Cava Marspanga. One Cask and one Coffer in the room here. Exit back into Varsa Baalim through the new door. Follow the wall as it curves SW to reach two Casks near bedrolls. Go back, and head east from the Cava Marspanga entrance up the ramps. Keep following the (fairly obvious) path and drop down the curved stairway to arrive at the entrance to The Nefarivigum.

The Nefarivigum[edit]

Entrances/Exits: 1 Varsa Baalim, 1 Forgotten Tunnels

Chests: 1 (well, y'know, sorta)

Enemies: 1 (possibly 2)

Basic directions: Head down down down. Dead bodies, red lights everywhere. Not good, likely. At the bottom, Frathen Drothan will be "talking" to someone. Reading his journal explains the situation further. Kill Drothan or let the champion do it. Then either take the heart and eat it or force the gate open (requires 90 Strength). The champion will then attack. Kill him and approach Mehrunes Razor. Right before you reach it, the wall behind it drops away and reveals an exit. Take the Razor (finally) and leave. The Forgotten Tunnels are easily navigable, and lead to a door to Lake Canulus.

Now go Banish fools.