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What follows is the beginning of my Fanfiction, based around my character's theoretical actions after the events of Elder Scroll: Skyrim.

As I stalk the night, I feel the embrace of the Shadows. My prey is close; less than 20 meters away. I know what must be done. I know what I will do. But, for a split second, I wonder: Why? Why must these actions come to pass? Is it possible that everything we think we know is wrong? These thoughts pass through my mind, much like the blade that passes through my quarry's chest...

It was the night of an assassination of an Imperial Officer that I committed that a thought occurred to me: What is my purpose? I am Dovahkiin, what many call Dragonborn, but was my purpose to slay Alduin? Was that it? This concern ate away at my conscious for many moons, until I realized what, I thought, must be done.

Do not take my ambition as baseless greed; My claim, I believe, was not only just, but meant to happen. The Divines chose Me, for whatever reason, for this power. I thought I knew what was wrong with Tamriel. I thought I knew how to fix it. I wanted not to be revered throughout history, for that was unimportant for myself. I did not yearn for the riches, for I was already content with my belongings. I did it not for the Control over the people, for power leads to corruption. I wanted an end to hate; an end to conflict. I believed I knew what to do, and I believed I knew how to do it.

I looked to history for guidance on my purpose. The great Akatosh himself seemed to show His intentions to me, as if he guided my actions without my notice. I realized that Akatosh, oddly, hadn't acted the way I would have expected. His Covenant with Men seemed to be broken: The Amulet of Kings. And, for a while, the power and sustainability of Men were dwindling, as Mer started to overcome them...

But there was still hope. There was still that fire within that defines Man. Were they acting alone, or with Celestial Guidance? I believed, as I do today, that Akatosh had not forsaken the races of Men. However, He seemed to choose a champion that was not of Men, but of Mer: Myself.

My Dunmeri origin is what confused me the most. Why would Akatosh, the center of the Covenant Between Gods and Men, choose a Mer for his purposes? I thought long and hard on this matter, and came up with this conclusion: The Dunmer people are, as a whole, bipartisan at this point in history. We are not a central part of the Empire, nor are we affiliated with the Aldmeri Dominion. Our neutrality in respect to the Great War may be why Akatosh chose a Dunmer to be Dragonborn. This is the best explanation I can surmise, as well as the most considerable, I believe.

We do not share the ethnocentrism of the Aldmer or the Bosmer, and are currently, even, relying on the races of Men for much support. We do, however, share the affinity toward Magic, which many Men consider foreign, and shun. We are in the middle of the two powers in Tamriel. And, though the Dunmer have had conflict with the Argonians of Black Marsh in the past, I believe the Dunmer are, on the whole, well perceived by many of the Beast-Races of Tamriel. Really, only the Argonians would attest to a union with the Dunmer, but who would blame them? After centuries of enslavement, the Argonians finally sought revenge on the Dunmer who had done them wrong. I, myself, am glad that I live in a time without slavery, and the owning of other Man, Mer, or Beasts.

Nevertheless, as previously stated, it was Akatosh that aided the Race of Men, and created the Amulet of Kings. This amulet was only able to be worn by those with the 'Dragonblood'; the sign of legitimate rule since Tiber Septim himself. It is also believed that all of the succeeding emperors had said 'Dragonblood', allowing themselves to light the Dragonfires, and, in turn, unite Tamriel. It is this 'Dragonblood' that I believed I had; that which was used by the pre-Oblivion Crisis Emperors to unite the provinces.

I believed that Akatosh had given me the Dragonblood not only to save Nirn from Alduin, but also to reunite the provinces and bring peace once more to Tamriel. Never before have I been so mislead.