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About Me[edit]

Hey there, the names Mana, PALADIN, of Mana. And I'm spinning in my chair right now trying to thing of something to write about myself. perhaps I shall explain how I started playing the Elder Scrolls Games? Well, when I was 11 Years Old, (Two Years Ago, yes, I'm 13) I only played console games, (Mainly Nintendo, I Prefer there games of Sony and Microsoft's Games) and one day I asked my sisters boyfriend what he was playing. He was like "It called Morrowind". And the next thing i know, he has me sitting down at his desk playing it, "What's your name?" Juib Asked, I typed in "Andrew". Selected Imperial. Made a face with the WIDE range of faces and hairs. A choice the Warrior Class. And after that, I borrowed the game for about 6 months, then, I bought Oblivion for PC, Loved it even more, (I will still always cherish my memories of Morrowind) Then, One Year Later, (And Some Months more) I bought Morrowind GTY Edition, along with Spore. So now I play them both.

My Oblivion Characters[edit]

Name: John Khartem Age: 18 Birthsign: The Shadow

John was raised in a Family of Thieves, steal from everyone else, and give to our selfs is the way they thought. But John saw the wrong in all this. After his parents were killed by Imperial Guards, He and his brother Kyle moved to Cryodill. But when the arrived, they split up. Kyle told him they were going to Bravil Because of its high crime rate, John refused to go there for that reason, and walked to Skingrad by himself instead. He bought a tent and lived out there for 2 Years, Saving all the money he made from doing odd jobs, and became good friends with the vineyard workers around skingrad. Later, after saving up enough money, and making a household name out of his self, bought rosethern manor.

Guilds: Mages Guild Associate

Name: Leon Scott Kennedy Age: 22 Birthsign: The Lover

Leon Scott Kennedy (Based on the Leon S. Kennedy from RE2 and RE4) was born in the Imperial City to A Upper Middle Class Family in the Temple District, and always wanted to become a town guard, after he graduated the Imperial Guardsmen Academy, he sign up to be part of the Kvatch Guard. Only when he came to Kvatch he found it had been over-run by Zombies. (Instead of Deadra), he fought his way along to the Castle Barracks along with John Khartem, who was looking for his brother. The Elder Consul asked him to became an Imperial Agent, and he accepted, his job now is saving the the Emperors Son, he was kidnaped by an un-known cult from a continent outside of Tamireal, somewhere near Akaviri.