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I joined UESP quite recently, as I wanted to start contributing. I rely on UESP for walkthroughs, especially when I'm stuck or a quest is glitched. Cheats are something I try to avoid, but it is helpful to look up the console commands and codes when you need an item, like an ebony ingot, and don't want to travel the world to find it. I've used UESP since playing Oblivion but was never brave enough to venture edits.

Both my husband and I began playing Skyrim the day it came out (11 Nov 2011). I have over 1,000 playing hours with 3 characters. Between my first 2 characters, I got all 50 achievements. The acheivements for the Dark Brotherhood and Daedric quest lines made me aware of my values. This often happens to me with RPGs. Clients for the Dark Brotherhood have petty and spiteful motives; and being a cannibal spoiled my appetite for days. They ruined my 2nd character - and I really liked her. She was a Khajiit sneak thief archer - awesome too. I was so grossed out, I could not restart her. However, I do like my 3rd character almost as much, she is a Breton mage/archer and nearly invincible. Archers and Mages are my favorite characters to play. I like range fighting over face-to-face battle. I am impressed with how strong both are in Skyrim. Enchanting and Smithing help alot with making them strong.

My style of play is to explore, and the vastness of Skyrm amazes me as I still find new places. When I realized you could store books in the bookcases - I was in love! One of my favorite things to do is to buy and decorate houses with my loot. I actually do themes - Stealth house in Riften, Civil War house in Solitude, Cool Armor/Weapon house in Windhelm. My Civil War house has General Tullius's and Stormcloak Officer's armor on the mannequins with the Windhelm and Solitude sheilds displayed. I like to collect and display all the Hold Guard Shields - too bad Winterhold doesn't have one.

As a new UESP contributor, I hope to learn alot about developing wiki pages and the code used. I thought it was fun building my user page - so who knows what may come.