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Hello! I'm JarlUlfric, and I am a 23 year-old political science major who is an obsessed Elder Scrolls fan. I started playing the series sometime around 2005-2006 when I got an X-Box and Morrowind. Soon after I got Oblivion and I was absolutely hooked. Now I am into The Elder Scrolls Online and it is by far my favorite game at the moment. I currently have some 4,000+ hours into the game and have done nearly everything there is to do in the game. Currently I am the Guildmaster of Eastmarch Trade Company, a high-end trading guild headquartered in the Daggerfall Covenant's capital, Wayrest. Other than that I mostly PvP and occasionally stream by battlegrounds.

Other interests include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Producing Music (I've been playing guitar & bass since I was 10)
  • Football & Hockey (Go Steelers! Go Pens!)
  • Cooking (I've worked in higher-end restaurants and currently on a food truck)
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Links/Things I'm Working On[edit]

Elder Scrolls Online Characters[edit]

Level Character Name Race Class Primary Attribute
50 Björn Járnsíða Nord Dragonknight Stamina
50 Nerva Traianus Imperial Templar Stamina
50 Savos Sari Dunmer Dragonknight Magicka
50 Seryn Sari Dunmer Nightblade Magicka
50 Talvos Sari Dunmer Sorcerer Magicka
50 First-Rank Ansei Redguard Nightblade Stamina
50 Resilient Yokeda Redguard Dragonknight Stamina
50 Third-Rank Ansei Redguard Warden Stamina
50 Advancing Yokeda Redguard Sorcerer Stamina
50 Sigurðr Elf-Blood Breton Templar Magicka
50 Breton Warden Breton Warden Magicka