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JackTurbo95's page[edit]

Welcome to my page! MY name is JackTurbo95. I play TES on Xbox, since the days of Morrowind in fact. I have used many MANY people, quite notably, my favourite was a Dunmer in Morrowind who walked around in his Ebony armour. Curently, in Skyrim, I am using a male Nord named Risr. Don't ask me how I came up with the name, but I just did.

I will be on the lookout for any glitches, notes to help out Skyrim. I hope to really help out the Skyrim pages through my knowledge of Skyrim on the Xbox 360.

I am currently Number 89. on the active user list. I am very happy with that because I have never been the greatest of editors, but I am hoping to go further now I have more time on my hands. I am looking forward to get right back into UESP, and hope that people will come to respect me at one point for either being myself, or being an editor.


I have many interests, my main one is playing TES games, I tend to play them most of my day. I also (at one point) was addicted to Minecraft, which is still a good game, but I quit it. I like doing many things any 16 year old would, drink, take my girlfriend out, etc ...

Music is the biggest thing in my life (except my girlfriend) and I am moving out of my home in Spain to England to further my music studies. I look forward to learning more, and hopefully one day become my dream, a musician.

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