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Hello, I am Coronus. After being a regular lurker for Oblivion, I started to contribute with Skyrim and finally decided to join at the beginning of December, 2011.

If you would like to contact me, any of the following should work:

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The Name[edit]

Coronus is a gaming nickname that I have used for many years. It is derived from the Latin word "corona" or laurel crown. Laurel crowns were given to the victor in games and in war. Coronus is a masculine form of the word which was made up by me but which is consistent with the way some feminine Latin words were made into masculine names.

The Game[edit]

I first heard about the Elder Scrolls series through a friend. He knew I was a Lord of the Rings fan and a gamer so he assumed I would also know about the Elder Scrolls. I looked into it and found in its open world the kind of game I had always wanted. I started out with Daggerfall, which was a free download at the time, to see what the Elder Srolls games were like. After that I skipped Morrowind and moved on to Oblivion since Oblivion had already been out for a little while. I continued to play Oblivion until the release of Skyrim. I am currently exploring the craggy north of Tamriel and hope to have many more adventures here.

The Wiki[edit]

I first encountered UESP when I was trying to figure out how to play Daggerfall. When I moved on to Oblivion, I continued to come back and learn new things about the game world that I was exploring. When I ventured into Skyrim, I looked up some quests I had already completed to see if I missed anything only to find the quest pages empty. This was all the impetus I needed to start adding what I had found. Soon I had added so much anonymously that it seemed silly not to join.


I am currently playing Minecraft: Just one more block. When I put it down, I'll stop. There! Now what was I going to do? Oh! Just one more block. NO! I am NOT addicted. How could you say that? I can stop whenever I want. Just one more block, really! No, wait. Just one more block ...


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