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'Ello everyone, my real name is Anthony and my gamertag is Bogantilla. I love the Elder Scrolls and have a role-playing character for each race with lore correct names and unique backstories (or at least I am working on it). I started out playing the Elder Scrolls by chancing upon a ten dollar copy of Morrowind at Wal-Mart for the PC about five years ago. I played it so much that my PC's horrible graphics card got fried. I bought an XBOX to continue playing. I discovered Bethesda's rich talent for story telling and deep history for this universe that they have so meticulously crafted. About a year ago I bought Oblivion off of a friend for ten bucks for the 360. I can't say that I like Oblivion more or less than Morrowind, but I do have the obvious biases that come with playing Morrowind first. Currently I am playing ARENA an Daggerfall free releases (put them on XBL Microsoft!!!)

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