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You can copy anything from my user page (userboxes etc.) because half my stuff is copied from other users - Arny


Welcome to my page. Im 53 on the Active Users list right now.--Arny

Welcome User[edit]

This is something to make life easier


I have finished Oblivion and have gotten bored of it, I have restarted Mass Effect and will/might restart Oblivion after I have finished Mass Effect, or if I buy any new games I will probably play them. For some reason I still come to UESPWiki I dont know why, usually when I join game wikis like this I stop going to them after I finish the game....but im still coming to UESPWiki, if I sont come to UESPWiki for a long period of time I might come back after a while when I start playing Oblivion again.. (which might be a while)


Name: Arny
Race: Nord
Birthsign: The Thief
Class: Custom Class (major skills: Armorer, Blade, Athletics, Acrobats, Destruction, Marksman and dont remember the last one)
Specilization: Combat
Level: 22
Gold: 94000(last time I checked)
PS: If you really want to know my skill levels ask me on my talk page and I can add it


The current date (in Oblivion time) is: Tirdas, 15th of Frostfall

btw if you want to copy this you can Arny


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