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This is an archive of past UESPWiki:Administrator Noticeboard discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

Other Requests for Administrators

Any other requests that require an administrator's help should go here.

  • The image [[:Image:Oabsorbattribute.png]] and all its associated pages (including talk) need to be moved to [[Image:O-absorb.gif]] (yes, rename the png to a gif, it'll then get overwritten by an actual gif). See discussions at [[Image talk:Oabsorbattribute.png]], User talk:Marbx. Wiki doesn't seem to provide tools for renaming/moving images (or at least I'm having a hard time finding them). Thanks!--Nephele 12:54, 21 July 2006 (EDT)
    • What you would need to do is download the image from the site and make the .png to .gif conversion, then upload it to Image:O-absorb.gif. After that, I can delete the old image.— Unsigned comment by Aristeo (talkcontribs)
      • OK, done. I'd been concerned about trying to keep the talk page, but realized that the talk page does have a move button. So now just need to get Oabsorbattribute.png deleted when you get a chance.--Nephele 16:21, 21 July 2006 (EDT)
  • I have requested that more file types be allowed, such as .doc, .xls, .txt., .mdb, and .pdf. If one tries to upload them, the upload page says "Upload warning - ".xls" is not a recommended image file format." (Actually I've only tried .xls at this point, not all the others, but I hope they'll all be allowed.) Aristeo replied that "We're going to upgrade the wiki soon, which will allow us to override files on the wiki." Yay! I can wait. Also, this comment was made:
For the record, there's a reason .doc, .xml and .mdb files are not generally allowed on public forums like this. Through the use of macro scripts, it's possible to run malicious code from these file types. Not that I think it's likely that anyone would do that here, but then I've a few nasty folks come around here trying to mess things up. They usually get banned pretty quickly, but if they were to decide to retalliate, that would be one potential threat. I do think that harmless formats such as .txt and .pdf should be allowed. But anything out of MS Office is potentially dangerous, and so should probably be avoided. --TheRealLurlock 17:11, 30 July 2006 (EDT)
I hope additional file types are allowed; it only lends more power to, e.g., folks that want to crunch numbers and give data tools (spreadsheets or databases) to players here. If needed, we'd be happy to have a vetting service where users submit files to admins for scanning or perhaps have a limited security level allowed after a person has shown a modicum of being "for real". Anyway, I hope additional types are allowed with the wiki upgrade. This summarized request will be here as a reminder until such time as the wiki is upgraded and other file types are allowed, or until allowing other file types is jointly rejected. --RedKnight 22:05, 4 August 2006 (EDT)
Thanks for the great wiki!! --RedKnight (who is posting solid insights into selling to merchants to this wiki alone)
  • Is there a way to make the "Orphaned Pages" list in the Special Pages more useful? There's a lot of stuff on there that really shouldn't be, making it hard to find the pages which are legitimately orphaned. Things which don't belong:
  • Talk pages. Unless the article it's attached to is also orphaned, talk pages shouldn't be on the list.
  • Anything transcluded. That's not really orphaned, because it appears on other pages. This includes things like the "Description" and "Author" pages for all the books, descriptions for every quest, stuff like that. Not really orphaned if it's transcluded.
  • Menu pages. Just a page full of links to other pages. While technically orphans since nothing links to them, they really shouldn't be on the list, because they're vital navigation pages.
The talk pages and the transcludes are the worst. There are so many of them on there, it makes the list pretty much useless, since you can't really see what's genuinely orphaned, and what just appears to be. --TheRealLurlock 00:01, 9 August 2006 (EDT)
  • In the past few months I have seen a lot of shuffling within the UESPWiki namespace and the sidebar, which have disoriented me a few times (and I'm a regular editor). I think it would be good for the organisation of this wiki to create a site map which would set the architecture of the site. This way, it would be much easier to identify where the links on each of the pages should point to and which ones should go on the sidebar (top level/most used).
    • That's what Daveh has been wanting to create for a while. And I'm sorry about changing the menu around, I'm responsible for that. --Aristeo 09:59, 9 August 2006 (EDT)