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More Server Tweaks

Just a quick update on a few server changes that have happened or are in the process:

  • Tweaked the Apache server settings to gain as much performance as possible. Will likely continue to change settings and then monitor the site for several days to see what happens (good or bad).
  • Am playing around with serving static content (files, images) with Lighttpd to gain more performance. Its been serving all Wiki images and Oblivion map images for a few days now. See File Server for more details.
  • I've added some basic Site Statistics from the past year or so showing site traffic. Useful to see how its grown and what we might need to do to accomodate for future growth.

As you can see from the statistics the site's traffic has increased noticeably in the past few months and we were approaching the limit of the server with the previous settings. MY hope is to optimize settings and squeeze out as much performance as possible with the current hardware. Upgrading the server is a definite possibility but is not a trivial task and will require my complete attention for a week or so. There is also a good chance we're at a traffic peak which will slow down in the coming months like it did after Oblivion's release.

From the changes I've made this week it seems to have improved things at least slightly. The site status page seems to show more open connections on average. RAM and CPU usage has also dropped slightly.

There are bunch of other server maintenance stuff I intend to work on over the next few weeks, at least when I'm not travelling. As usual, if anyone notices anything out of place, strange errors, that are repeatable just let me know here or on my talk page. Keep in mind that since I'm working on the live site when I apply changes there may be minor 'hiccups', (server restarts, etc...) that are only temporary. -- Daveh 21:11, 18 April 2007 (EDT)