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This page contains some basic site statistics, such as daily visits and bandwidth usage, over the recent years. It is meant to be a rough guide as to how the site is doing and for estimating its future needs. It is generally updated on a monthly basis.

Daily Pages Served[edit]

The following graph shows the daily pages server by the site. Gray is the daily count and red is the weekly average. The page count includes only the Wiki's article pages and not images, files or other content. Some values are estimates composed from multiple sources and have a ~10% accuracy.

Daily Pages Served

Other Statistics[edit]

  • Monthly Bandwidth: ~2 TB/month
  • Daily Page Views: 600-900k
  • Daily Visits: Typically 1/9th of the daily page views, 50-80k/day
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 600-800k
  • File Request Rate: Averages ~100 req/sec
  • Database: Averages ~100 queries/sec
  • Each Visit: Averages ~10 minutes and 8 pages
  • Alexa Stats: Averages in the top 10,000 sites globally by their rating
  • Forums and Maps: Each average around 20k views/day
  • UESPWiki on WikiApiary : WikiApiary collects various statistics on wikis.

Statistic Notes[edit]

  • The above daily page views only includes the wiki articles and not other content (maps, forums) or other types of files (images, JavaScript, CSS, etc...). Actual files server can be x10 the daily page view count.
  • Stats are obtained from a variety of sources over time:
  • Webalizer from the raw Apache logs (March 2006 to July 2007).
  • Google Adsense page views (August 2007 to October 2010).
  • Google Analytics (March 2006 to present).
  • The weekly fluctuations can easily be seen in the daily count (light gray line). Weekends and holidays always have noticeably more traffic as does the summer holidays.
  • The average statistics vary around +/-50% from the peak to off-peak hours. For example an average 100 req/sec will range from 50-150 req/sec.