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AOL IP Addresses

While checking on a recent IP address, I pulled up the user talk page for the IP, and discovered an interesting message. Wikipedia no longer has problems with completely untraceable anonymous AOL users (or problems with users constantly getting warnings targeted at the last person to use that AOL proxy), because wikipedia is using X-Forward-For HTTP headers provided by AOL to properly identify the user's source IP address. It appears that for us to add the same capability, we would need to add AOL (and some other similar ISPs) to our Trusted XFF list -- presumably we already have the basics of XFF recognition on the server, because that feature is what allows all of our IPs to be recognized, even though every single edit gets routed through our squid server. This seems like something that we should enable here on UESP. I'll root around some more to see if I can get more detailed information on what needs to be done to get it added. --NepheleTalk 18:08, 26 June 2008 (EDT)