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West Sewers
# of Zones 1
Undead, rats, bandits
Console Location Code(s)
Old Mournhold: West Sewers
Old Mournhold
Old Mournhold, West Sewers

The West Sewers are a maze-like sewer system accessible from either the Palace or Residential Sewers.

They are reached via the trapdoor in the southeast corner of the Godsreach district. Another entrance is in the southwest end of the Residential Sewers. There is a quest that leads down here to interrogate an assassination conspirator.

Like most of the rest of Old Mournhold, the West Sewer is inhabited by goblins and their durzog pets. Most of the important treasure in the sewer can be found near Hloggar the Bloody, including a bottle of vintage brandy and a chest containing a decent number of other potions. There are also two chests containing silver weapons.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Hloggar the Bloody Male Nord Barbarian House Hlaalu Kinsman(Kinsman) 35 269 114 90 30

Related Quests[edit]

  • Evidence of Conspiracy: Look into another possible plot against the king involving the former King Llethan's widow.


Map of the West Sewers