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Dovor Oren (Dovor Oren)
Location Mournhold, Vacant Manor
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 50 Class Rogue
Other Information
Health 375 Magicka 158
Alarm 90 Fight 50
Dovor Oren

Dovor Oren is a Dark Elf rogue who has amassed quite a fortune through one method or another. Apparently, his current business is to prepare for a war in Mournhold. He has essentially "acquired" two friends, Felvan Ienith and Olvyne Dobar, to help him in this cause. To complete his goal of becoming a warlord, Dovor wants Soscean's sword and cuirass, and he doesn't seem to care how you get the items.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Warlords[edit]

"You've no business being here, %PCRace. I suggest you turn around, go out the way you came in, and forget you ever saw us."
"Hmm. At a second glance, perhaps I shouldn't be so dismissive. You seem a rather resourceful sort. We're, ah, investing in the future, you see. The city right now exists under a blanket of fear; a blind guar can see that the tension between the Imperials and the Temple will soon be boiling over into the streets. When that happens, it's going to be every %PCRace for himself, yes? Well, we're stockpiling for just that occasion, which is certainly inevitable at this point. And maybe you can assist us."'
"We know full well what we need. We also know, however, that we can't make waves until the time is right. Our actions would surely be misinterpreted, and we'd be treated like common criminals, while these fatcats, like Soscean, walk about in broad daylight as if they were saints."
"Oh, I'm sure you've noticed him, strutting around as if he were Lord Vivec himself. Of course, no one mentions the horrible things HE'S done to get where he is. And for what? He's just another noble, something Mournhold has no use for. But the tools he's used to step on others and get where he is today, now THOSE Mournhold has use for. Indeed, I have use for them. Would you be willing to get them?"
Yes, I'll get them.
"Excellent. Though the idea may seem distasteful at first, I assure you you're doing us all a favor, %PCName. And, of course, there's money to ease the burden of guilt, should that be a problem for you.... Just bring me his sword and cuirass, and the money is yours. You'll likely find him wasting time in that damned bar, as usual."
No, I want nothing to do with this.
"What, too timid for the challenge? Very well, %PCName. I’d suggest, then, that you not return here. And I’d also suggest you not tell anyone that we’re here."

If spoken to again before Soscean has been killed:

"I assure you, he deserves whatever he has coming to him. He's of no consequence."

If spoken to again if Soscean is killed:

"Ah, %PCName. Our comrade in arms, our ally in the fight for freedom!"
"So, Soscean wouldn't go quietly, eh? As I've said, he won't be missed. Now, where are those items?"
Here are the items.
"Ah, wonderful. Now, these tools can be put to freeing Mournhold from the yoke of the oppressor... that has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say? Here is your payment, %PCName -- know that you have my gratitude. If you still wish to assist us, of course, there's more that can be done..."
I'm keeping the items.
"I.... I'm afraid I don't understand. You did us this favor, and yet now wish to keep the items? I certainly cannot pay you for a task you have not completed."

Once you have collected the reward you can further assist him:

"Since you've proven to be very helpful, I have another task that needs completing. Felvan here is also desperately in need of new equipment, and he knows just the place to get it from. Why don't you have a chat with him?"

After assisting Felvan:

"Well then, %PCName. You were able to get what Felvan needed? Excellent. You're certainly welcome to continue to assist us, if you wish."
"Ah, now we come to the matter of our dear friend, Olvyne Dobar. She is, well, somewhat lacking the social graces. Very blunt, if you understand me. However, I've talked at length with her, and her heart is in the right place. I believe she has something she needs done... why don't you speak with her?"

After assisting Olvyne:

"Hello, %PCName. I see you've accomodated Olvyne's wishes. Nicely done. Now, if you could assist us one last time, we'd be most thankful."
"You've done us an incredible service thus far, %PCName. With one minor task left, you can put us in a position to start work on my greater purpose. Our greater purpose, I mean. Yes, well. Let us talk of Suldreni Salandas."
Suldreni Salandas
"Yes. Yes, indeed. It's difficult to comprehend that so many sycophants can be concentrated in such a small area. She's another of *them*, of course. Loyal to whomever happens to be in power at the time, and then only if it serves her purpose. She has a mace and an amulet I find intriguing. Can you bring them to me?"

If spoken to after killing Suldreni Salandas:

Suldreni Salandas
"So, you've dealt with Suldreni, have you? Wonderful. Do you have the items?"
Give him the items.
"Ha! You are a wonder, %PCName. Well, you've been of immense help to me. Us. I'm more than happy to offer you this compensation. Now, if you'll excuse me, we have a great deal of planning to attend to. Thank you again for all you've done. I hope that someday all of Mournhold will know of your greatness."
Keep the items.
"Ahem. Might I suggest that you re-think that decision? I do believe the items are more useful to me than they are to you, %PCName."