Tribunal:Bels Uvenim

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Bels Uvenim (Bels Uvenim)
Home City Mournhold
Location Temple Courtyard
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 35 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 275 Magicka 188
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Bels Uvenim

Bels Uvenim is a Dark Elf noble who carries a spear and helm that are wanted by Olvyne Dobar, a woman who wishes to become a warlord. Bels can be found in the Temple Courtyard. He will not speak with you under any circumstances.

He wears an extravagant shirt with matching pants. He also wears an Imperial silver cuirass and a unique Imperial silver helm, along with steel pauldrons, boots, and one steel right gauntlet. He wields a unique silver spear.

Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows the following spells: Assured Fleetness, Nimbleness, Surpassing Denial, Surpassing Fleetness, and Surpassing Swiftblade.

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  • Voiced Greeting:
"Sorry. Not interested."
  • Greeting:
"No time to talk, %PCRace. Excuse me." Goodbye