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Arnsa Thendas (Arnsa Thendas)
Location Mournhold, Thendas Manor
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 20 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 148 Magicka 140
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Arnsa Thendas

Arnsa Thendas is a Dark Elf noble, living in Thendas Manor. She is currently busy taking care of the affairs of her late husband, who at one time served in the Imperial Legion. After his death, she became the owner of his rare Droth Dagger, which is wanted by Geon Auline. He wants you to get it during her estate sale.

She wears extravagant robes and shoes, and a key to the chest the Droth Dagger is in.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Estate Sale[edit]

"Hello. If you're here about the Estate Sale, I'm afraid a date hasn't been set yet."
Estate Sale
"Yes, I'm still sorting out my late husband's collections. It's very...difficult for me."

Once the quest has been accepted from Geon:

Estate Sale
"Yes? Are you looking for a particular item? Did you... know my husband, by any chance?"
know my husband
"Were you an acquaintance of my husband's?"
"Oh, I'm sorry...I had no idea. Sandas always spoke so fondly of his time in the Legion. I'm sure you must miss him almost as terribly as I do. Since you were so close, perhaps there's a particular item you'd like to remember him by? I can afford to part with something before the sale."


  • Curiously, inside her manor there is only a single bed, even if Arnsa was supposedly living with her husband.