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Daggerfall Unity is a fan-made open source project to recreate Daggerfall in the Unity engine.

Features and improvements[edit]

Daggerfall Unity features a variety of improvements over classic Daggerfall, such as:

  • Native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Many screen resolutions
  • Open source code allowing for transparent modifications
  • Much easier modding through Unity and C#
  • Improved enemy behavior
  • Terrain generation with far greater height variance
  • Fewer bugs
  • A far greater view distance even without applying mods
  • New quest actions and conditions
  • A quest debugger to show status for all active quests
  • Native translation support


As of September 2019, Daggerfall Unity's latest stable build is version 0.10.7. The project's current development stage is listed on the Roadmap.

Technical Information[edit]

  • Installing — A guide on installing Daggerfall Unity
  • Frequently Asked Questions — Common issues encountered when installing Daggerfall Unity
  • Settings — Explaining each of the settings in Daggerfall Unity
  • Bugs Fixed — A listing of bugs fixed in the transition from Daggerfall to Daggerfall Unity

Gameplay Information[edit]


  • Popular Mods — A non-comprehensive selection of some of the popular mods available for Daggerfall Unity
  • Installing Mods — Instructions on how to apply the various types of Daggerfall Unity mods
  • Mod Creation — Technical information about creating your own mods for Daggerfall Unity

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