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(lore page)
Location Varies
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Varus at stage 2 corruption
Varus/Warden Varus, fully corrupted

Varus (also known as Warden Varus and Quintus Varus) is the mad warden of Stormhold prison. He is responsible for the corruption of the prison's inhabitants through his relentless excavations in search of the Storm Crystal.

Varus may interrupt you while camping to offer a threatening message, although he will disappear afterwards. He also serves as the final boss, and must be tracked down and defeated in order to win.


When Varus interrupts your camping, he will say one of the following lines of dialogue:

  • "You are blessed to be part of my plans to rid the Empire of evil. Do your part and your days here shall have a minimum of pain."
  • "I know you steal from us, but you are an effective tunnel rat. Don't be greedy, and I shall overlook your indiscretions."
  • "Do you know the value of crystals? I do. So dig all you want, but do not think to take the one I value. It would mean your life."
  • "Ah..., [sic] the master tunnel rat. If you think to pry this prize from my hands you are sorely mistaken. For with it I can remove evil from the empire, all of it, and store it in here."
  • "I shall be the greatest hero of the Empire, the Slayer of Evil. And the first evil I shall slay is you."