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Can't Find Him[edit]

I simply can not find this guy. Waited for days (hours at a time) hoping to catch him inside the Bard's College, but no success. Anyone else having trouble finding him? Wondering if he's often elsewhere in Solitude or tied to a quest (where he may be out of town)? — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 06:15 on 12 December 2011

I received a letter of inheritance for this characters death. I have not begun the Civil War quest line so I'm not sure how he died. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 01:36 on 15 December 2011
I had the devil's own time finding him as well. Last time I saw him was in the Blue Palace begging Elisif to hold the festival. I searched all over Solitude when I couldn't find him at the college...and eventually found him asleep back in the college. Goodness only knows where he was in the meantime, but at least I finally got to tell him I found the danged drum. I guess what I'm saying is, hang around, he should eventually turn up (unless he's dead, as the other poster said). Dr. Memory 03:34, 9 January 2012 (UTC)
During Tending the Flames, upon exiting Blue Palace after presenting the "reconstructed" lost verses, Giraud appeared, dead, in front of the palace entrance. I reloaded the autosave and he did not appear, but using the console to teleport to his refID put me in the water outside Solitude (to the south, nearly just between the Solitude and the Blue Palace markers on the map) where he was floating lifelessly. Retracing savegames revealed that he had somehow gotten there sometime just before I left the Bard's College after telling Viarmo that I had found the lost verses. A savegame made shortly before going back to the College had him still inside and very much alive. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 05:20 on 21 January 2012‎

Giraud Gemane[edit]

I was bored so I went on a killing spree in Solitude just for fun. I killed everyone who could be killed, including all the Bards College members. Then I received this letter from the courier: [1] I have no idea of who "he" may actually be, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. -- 21:52, 23 August 2012 (UTC)

It's this letter, and is a random occurrence that can happen with many NPCs in the game. It's not notable to Giraud in particular. See this page for more info. ABCface 21:56, 23 August 2012 (UTC)
Ok, thanks :) -- 20:44, 25 August 2012 (UTC)


Should it be noted that he is the author of Songs of Skyrim and Songs of Skyrim: Revised? --PlatinumScale (talk) 04:49, 28 June 2013 (GMT)

Yep, that information definitely belongs on the article. Feel free to add it. :) --Krusty (talk) 09:09, 28 June 2013 (GMT)

Giraud Asks To Assault Someone[edit]

After a fight in the Winking Skeever, Giraud Gemane forcegreets the player and says something about seeing the player using violence, which sets up a miscellaneous task to meet with Giraud to talk about assaulting someone. When asked, he asks the player to assault - but don't kill - Jorn. Has anyone encountered this? — Unsigned comment by GullyF (talkcontribs) at 21:54 on 11 January 2015

I stumbled upon this quest today. I attacked some folks in the Solitude marketplace. A day or two later a courier reached me in Windhelm with a Letter from Giraud Gemane:
I'm aware of your recent assault on Addvar. Rest assured I have no interest in that particular matter. I do, however, have an interest in your willingness to employ force when the need arises.
If you are able to assist me, I will gladly pay you for your troubles. Next time you are visiting Solitude, please call on me.
Giraud Gemane

When I returned to Solitude and spoke to Germain Giraud in the Bards College he said: 'So you like to hurt people, huh? The town is still talking about what you did. You know, I'll pay you to attack one of my enemies...' Respond with 'I don't mind hurting someone for money' and Giraud will say 'Just cause some pain. I don't want a death on my conscience. If you get caught, it's not my problem.' You can also tell Giraud that 'It doesn't sound like something I'm interested in' and he will respond 'That's too bad.' - though in my game the quest reward was still paid out on declining the quest. After assaulting Jorn (a single punch is enough), I went back to Giraud and he said 'Good. Let's hope it's a lesson learned.' and was paid 50 septims reward.
Quest entries in the log were: Meet with Giraud Gemane about a job involving violence --> Assault Jorn but don't kill him --> Report success to Giraud Gemane
Apologies for this little info dump. Don't have it in me to make a quest page for this but hopefully this will help if anyone else fancies it.--Karsa (talk) 13:57, 19 April 2015 (GMT)
Ahh, nevermind. It's a radiant quest: Skyrim:Scare_my_Enemy --Karsa (talk) 14:06, 19 April 2015 (GMT)

Bug Fix[edit]

Has anybody found a way to restore Giraud as a trainer after bringing him the drum? LordXenophon (talk) 01:46, 8 August 2016 (UTC)

Connection to the Jemane Brothers from Oblivion?[edit]

In Oblivion, we met the twins Guilbert and Reynald Jemane, who were also Bretons. They were warriors, but their father, Albert, was a thief. This may explain why Giraud belongs to the thief class. Greg Hullender (talk) 17:35, 6 March 2017 (UTC)

I would imagine there's a relation and someone just forgot that the Jemane brothers' names starts with a J. 22:31, 9 September 2018 (UTC)

Never sleeps?[edit]

So I've been waiting for a chance to steal my money back from him that I spent on training but he never seems to move away from the entrance, he just stands there with the guy who greets you all day. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 06:36 on 15 June 2017 UTC

His sleep package is from 8pm for 12 hours (though it looks like it's supposed to be 10pm for 8 hours). I don't see anything that conflicts with it. The USKP suggests that he has a package that makes him wait in the lobby during Tending the Flames, but also that it only affects his teaching package (2pm for 4 hours). It could be that that package affects the others too. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence 08:26, 15 June 2017 (UTC)