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Skyrim Mod:Thief Hideouts

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Thief Hideouts
Original Release March 21, 2024
Size 1.2 MB (PS/Xbox/PC)
Version 1.01
Filename ceejsse001_hideouts.esl
PC (Special Edition) Available from
Xbox One Available from
PS4 Available from
Thief Hideouts banner

Thief Hideouts is a Verified Creation for Special Edition by Elianora. It is available for 600 credits on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Official Description

A small hideout in every major city (Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth) for your thief character. They can be accessed through wells in the cities.


  • STATIC CLUTTER - Lydia can't knock over my beautiful decorations and an accidental Fis Roh Dah  [sic]
  • Unmarked quest to get a key to the homes
  • Teleport markers in each home to quickly travel between different major city entrances (Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm)
  • a  [sic] universal "thieves cache" that is accessible from every hideout so you can store all your sellable thief gains into one chest, accessible in every home!
  • the  [sic] usual benefits of well-rested, follower-friendly, crafting stations, totally respawn-safe containers etc.


  • The homes are entered by activating THE WELL COVER (Windhelm, Riften, Markarth) or in Whiterun and Solitude it's the THE  [sic] LADDER inside the well
  • There's an unmarked quest to find the key and discover where the houses came from

Spoilers for the Unmarked Quest

  • You can get the key from a satchel within Halldir's Cairn (and fight Guildmaster Ellara). It is at the end of the dungeon (boss room)
  • Start at the Ragged Flagon, near where Delvin hangs out, there's a few notes and a bottle of Sujamma)
  • A note to Glover hints at Falkreath
  • A note in Falkreath Jarl's Longhouse (steward's room)
  • Guildmaster is in Halldir's Cairn (just outside Falkreath)


  • Cheats
  • Homes