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WRLD records contain the data for a 'world', which can be all of Tamriel or a handful of cells.

In the WRLD GRUP, following each WRLD record is a nested GRUP which contains a single CELL record (presumably the starting location for the world) and a number of Exterior Cell Block groups (see the group table). Each Exterior Cell Block group contains Exterior Cell Sub-Block groups, each of which contain CELL records.

Record header flags:

0x80000 - Can't Wait
C Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID EditorID zstring The name of this worldspace used in the construction kit
* RNAM unknown struct (int16's look like coordinates, formids are REFRs)
uint32 - count of pairs following:
- MHDT unknown ubyte[??] unknown
- FULL Name lstring The name of this worldspace used in the game
- WCTR center cell int16[2] X, Y
- LTMP unknown formID Interior Lighting LGTM
- XEZN unknown formID Encounter Zone ECZN
- XLCN exit location formID Location LCTN
- CNAM Climate formID CLMT reference.
- NAM2 unknown formID Water WATR
- NAM3 LOD Water Type formID LOD water-type, always a WATR form ID
- NAM4 LOD Water Height float LOD oceanwater-level (-14000.0 for Tamriel)
- DNAM Land Data float[2] Default land- and oceanwater-levels (-27000 & -14000.0 for Tamriel)
- MODL cloud model MODL Cloud Model - Includes optional field MODT
- MNAM Map size struct 16 or 28 byte structure
width uint32 The usable width of the map
height uint32 The usable height of the map
NW cell X int16
NW cell Y int16
SE cell X int16
SE cell Y int16
Min Height float Camera Data (default 50000), new as of Skyrim 1.8, purpose is not yet known.
Max Height float Camera Data (default 80000)
Initial Pitch float Camera Data (default 50)
+ NAMA unknown float Distant LOD Multiplier
- DATA flags uint8 Flags
0x01 - Small World
0x02 - Can't Fast Travel From Here
0x08 - No LOD Water
0x10 - No Landscape
0x20 - No Sky
0x40 - Fixed Dimensions
0x80 - No Grass
- NAM0 unknown int32[2] Coordinates for the bottom left corner of the worldspace (assumed from Oblivion)
- NAM9 unknown int32[2] Coordinates for the top right corner of the worldspace (assumed from Oblivion)
- WNAM Parent worldspace formID Form ID of the parent worldspace.
- PNAM unknown uint16 Use flags - Set if parts are inherited from parent worldspace WNAM
0x01 - Use Land Data (DNAM)
0x02 - Use LOD Data (NAM3, NAM4)
0x04 - Use Map Data (MNAM, MODL)
0x08 - Use Water Data (NAM2)
0x10 - unknown
0x20 - Use Climate Data (CNAM)
0x40 - Use Sky Cell
- ONAM unknown float[4] This field specifies where map markers will appear in relation to the parent
World Map Scale - -1=Hide Map Markers
Cell X Offset * 4096
Cell Y Offset * 4096
Cell Z Offset * 4096
- TNAM HD LOD Diffuse zstring The name of a texture file.
- UNAM HD LOD Normal zstring The name of the normals file matching the TNAM.
+ ZNAM music formID always a MUSC form ID
- XWEM zstring Water Environment Map
- OFST unknown unknown unknown large struct (tamriel = 45600) offset? apparently, contains absolute file offsets to cells, for debugging purposes.

It isn't entirely clear what effect the map size field has on the game. Many map sizes simply contain zero in these fields. The landscape can be larger than this size, although the outer areas of the landscape appear to be less well defined.