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CELL records contain the data for either interior (CELL top group) or exterior (WRLD top group) cells. They follow the same format in both cases. The CELL record is followed by a group containing the references for the cell, organized into subgroups. Persistent references are defined in the 'persistent children' subgroup while temporary references are defined in the 'temporary children' subgroup. The 'persistent children' subgroup must occur before the 'temporary children' subgroup.

The block and sub-block groups for an interior cell can be determined either by the label field of the group headers of the block and sub-block, or by the last two decimal digits of the Form ID. For example, for Form ID 0x138CA, which is 80,074 in decimal, 4 indicates that this is block 4, and the 7 indicates that it's sub-block 7.

The block and sub-block groups for an exterior cell can be determined either by the label filed of the group headers of the block and sub-block, or by the X, Y coordinates of the cell from the XCLC field. Each block contains 16 sub-blocks (4x4) and each sub-block contains 64 cells (8x8). So, to get the sub-block number, divide the coordinates by 8 (rounding down), and the block number can be determined by dividing the sub-block numbers by 4 (again, rounding down). Thus, a cell with the X, Y coordinates 31, 50 would be in floor(31 / 8) = 3, floor(50 / 8) = 6, so sub-block 3, 6. Dividing again, only this time by 4, it would be in block 0, 1.

Record header flags:

0x00000400 - Persistent Cell?
0x00020000 - Off Limits
0x00080000 - Can't Wait
C Field Type Info
- EDID zstring Cell editor ID
- FULL lstring In game name of the cell. Only in interior cells.
+ DATA uint16 flags - Sometimes the field is only one byte long
0x0001 - Interior
0x0002 - Has Water
0x0004 - not Can't Travel From Here - only valid for interior cells
0x0008 - No LOD Water
0x0020 - Public Area
0x0040 - Hand Changed
0x0080 - Show Sky
0x0100 - Use Sky Lighting
- XCLC struct (X, Y) grid location of the cell followed by flags. Always in exterior cells and never in interior cells.
int32 - X
int32 - Y
uint32 - flags (high bits look random)
0x1 - Force Hide Land Quad 1
0x2 - Force Hide Land Quad 2
0x4 - Force Hide Land Quad 3
0x8 - Force Hide Land Quad 4
- XCLL struct 92 byte structure - Lighting
rgb Ambient
rgb Directional
rgb Fog Near
float Fog Near
float Fog Far
int Rotation XY
int Rotation Z
float Directional Fade
float Fog Clip Dist
float Fog Pow
rgb Ambient X+
rgb Ambient X-
rgb Ambient Y+
rgb Ambient Y-
rgb Ambient Z+
rgb Ambient Z-
rgb Specular Color? not shown in CK - assumed from LGTM
float Fresnel Power? not shown in CK, usually 1 - assumed from LGTM
rgb Fog Far
float Fog Max
float Light Fade Distances Start
float Light Fade Distances End
uint32 Inherit flags - controls which parts are inherited from Lighting Template
0x0001 - Ambient Color
0x0002 - Directional Color
0x0004 - Fog Color
0x0008 - Fog Near
0x0010 - Fog Far
0x0020 - Directional Rot
0x0040 - Directional Fade
0x0080 - Clip Distance
0x0100 - Fog Power
0x0200 - Fog Max
0x0400 - Light Fade Distances

this field has only 64 bytes in NavMeshGenCellDUPLICATE001

- TVDT 684 bytes
- MHDT 1028 bytes
- XCGD struct Only found in Xbox360 and PS3 official DLC, not supported by CK
uint32 - Count of substructures? Seems plausible, but doesn't always seem to match up.
uint32 - String length, including null-terminator (like bzstring, but with a uint32 length)
char[String length] - File name (looks to always be .nif files)
? - Other data here, but unclear what it is or what delineates the next file.
+ LTMP formID The lighting template for this cell.
- LNAM 4 bytes
+ XCLW float Non-ocean water-height in cell, is used for rivers, ponds etc., ocean-water is globally defined elsewhere.
  • 0x7F7FFFFF reserved as ID for "no water present", it is also the maximum positive float.
  • 0x4F7FFFC9 is a bug in the CK, this is the maximum unsigned integer 2^32-1 cast to a float and means the same as above
  • 0xCF000000 could be a bug as well, this is the maximum signed negative integer -2^31 cast to a float
- XNAM 1 byte
- XCLR formID[] Regions containing the cell (assumed from Oblivion).
Fields below this line can appear in any order.
- XLCN formID The location for (of?) this cell.
- XWCS uint32 Size of XWCU/16 - CK changes this into use of XWCN Always has the value three in Skyrim.esm.
- XWCN uint32 Size of XWCU/16 Only one occurrence - 0x04
- XWCU struct[] Water Current, series of 16 byte structures, minimum 3
float X
float Y
float Z
float? unknown

Unclear how structures are matched up to "Linear Velocity" and "Angular Velocity" shown in CK

- XCWT formID The water for (of?) this cell.
- XOWN formID Owner NPC or Faction (assumed from Oblivion). Only in interior cells.
- XILL formID ID of an NPC_ or FLST. Only in interior cells.
- XWEM zstring Water Environment Map only interior cells
- XCCM formID Climate if interior cell behaves like exterior cell (assumed from Oblivion). Only in interior cells.
- XCAS formID The acoustic space for this cell.
- XEZN formID A reference to an encounter zone.
- XCMO formID The music type for this cell.
- XCIM formID The image space for this cell.

The last four bytes in XCLC do not appear to be a form ID. The following values appear 100 or more times in those last four bytes:

Count Value
100 53bd00
279 53ba00
360 53d400
586 0
586 53d200
5881 53fd00
8397 53d100

The less frequent values show a distribution of values that makes them look like a bitmap.