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Skyrim Mod:Arquebus

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Original Release December 5, 2023
Latest Release Dec 22, 2023
Size 128.32 MB (PC) / 97.02 MB (Xbox)
Version 1.03
Filename msjm01_arquebus.esp
PC (Special Edition) Available from
Xbox One Available from
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Arquebus is a lore-friendly weapon Verified Creation for the Special Edition.Add more info

This Creation packs both a dungeon to explore and a unique weapon to boot. Forged by Creator Shoeburglar, players delve into an expansive ruin, facing its Dwemer-made centurions and wielding a mighty arquebus (complete with four variations!)Official Summary

Official Description

Investigate the Dwemer ruins of Thuncharnthumz, fight powerful new automatons and uncover the next leap in weaponry. Will you share your discovery with a side in the civil war or keep the secrets to yourself?

New content added:

  • 25-35 minute long new dungeon/quest
  • Arquebus,
  • Atgierr (Unique Arquebus),
  • Dragon Aquebus,
  • Saber Arquebus,
  • Dwarven Arquebus,
  • Dov (Unique Dragon Arquebus),
  • Karnthumek's Verdict (Unique Dwarven Arquebus),
  • Caliver (Unique Saber Arquebus),
  • Karnthumek's Gavel (Unique Dwarven Warhammer),
  • Arquebusier Staff,
  • Arquebus Ball,
  • Overloaded Arquebus Ball,
  • Explosive Arquebus Ball,

The quest can be started by entering the Dwemer ruins Thuncharnthumz located north of Cradlecrush Rock, inside you will find the base version of the Arquebus and upon completion of the quest you'll be able to craft all other versions of the Arquebus and its ammo provided you have the correct smithing perks.

Once the quest is completed and a side is chosen within the civil war after the Jagged Crown quest you will be approached by a courier with a letter to report your discovery within Thuncharnthumz to whichever side you chose in the civil war questline and introduce the Arquebus to the level lists and be awarded with a unique Arquebus assuming you chose to share your discovery or keep it to yourself.

The Arquebus benefits from the Archery skill tree and can be a powerful hand cannon to deal a large amount of damage with a single shot and negating 50% of your targets armour with the draw backs of being loud and slow to reload unless fully invested into the Archery skill.

To craft the Arquebus ammo, you will first need to make black powder at a smelter then you will use the black powder at a forge to create the desired ammo type for your Arquebus.


  • Lore Friendly
  • Models and Textures
  • Quests
  • Weapons
  • World


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  • The creation was originally published to the website on May 2, 2023, but it was hidden until its official release. It received two updates during this period as well, with patch 1.00 on August 16, 2023 and patch 1.01 on November 28, 2023.