Skyrim:The White Phial (item)

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Artifact: The White Phial (0002c25a)
(lore page)
Type Potion
Editor ID MS12WhitePhial
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 0
The White Phial
The cracked White Phial

The White Phial is a legendary bottle, forged in the days when Skyrim was just starting its turn to ice. A small container, made of the magically infused snow that first fell on the Throat of the World. It is said that the Phial will replenish whatever fluid is placed inside of it.

Visiting The White Phial and speaking to Nurelion reveals that The White Phial has been his life's obsession, to the extent that he even named his store after it. Nurelion's research has uncovered the current location of the phial, however he is in the last stages of a fatal illness but believes that The White Phial may be able to save him.

After the quest Repairing the Phial you will be rewarded with The White Phial (Full), which functions as a potion with the effects you choose. Drinking The White Phial (Full) moves it to your Miscellaneous section as The White Phial (Empty). After 24 hours the potion inside the White Phial will regenerate and the potion will be drinkable once again.

Related Quests[edit]


Depending on the choice you make during Repairing the Phial, the phial will have a different effect.

Choice Object ID Editor ID Weight Value Effect
I want to resist the forces of magic. 00102019 MS12WPResistMagic50 0.5 193 Resist 20% of magic for 60 seconds:
I want to be tougher in battle. 0010201a MS12WPFortifyStamina01 0.5 341 Stamina is increased by 20 points for 300 seconds:
I want to be better hidden in the shadows. 0010201b MS12WPFortifySkillSneak03 0.5 96 You are 20% harder to detect for 60 seconds:
I want to strengthen my magical skills. 0010201c MS12WPFortifyMagicka01 0.5 341 Magicka is increased by 20 points for 300 seconds:
I want to deal more damage in battle. 0010201d MS12WPFortifySkillOneHanded04 0.5 265 One-handed weapons do 50% more damage for 60 seconds:
I'd like it to have the power of healing. 0010201e MS12WPRestoreHealth04 0.5 79 Restore 100 points of Health:


  • Cannot normally be sold to apothecary merchants.
  • When you retrieve the White Phial from Forsaken Cave it will be cracked (0002c259).
  • The effect of the White Phial cannot be changed after being chosen in Repairing the Phial.


  • After the phial refills, the empty phials will remain in your inventory. If you try to delete extra empty phials, the white phial may not refill.