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Rogatus Salvius
(RefID: 00019937)
Home City Markarth
House Salvius Farm
Race Elder Gender Male
Level 6 Class Farmer
RefID 00019937 BaseID 000133B5
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Archery, One-handed, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleOldGrumpy
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; JobFarmerFaction; TownSalviusFarmFaction
Rogatus Salvius

Rogatus Salvius is an elderly farmer who lives in the farmhouse at Salvius Farm, located just outside the Markarth city walls, with his wife Vigdis. He is the father of Leontius Salvius.

He wakes up at 8am and immediately goes out to the field to work. He works for twelve hours until he heads home at 8pm, and then goes to sleep at midnight.

He wears a belted tunic, some boots, and a hat. He wields an iron dagger and carries a key to his farmhouse, and a selection of common loot and gold.

Related Quests[edit]


His greetings can be:

"I've lived through rebellion, Forsworn, undead, witches, wizards, hagravens, and marriage."
"Next thing you know there will be some kind of damn blight and undead will walk the land."
"I'm been farming this bit of land all my life."
"You ever have to farm land while there was a battle going on? I have."
"Damn soldiers always trample my crops."

If spoken to directly:

I'm looking for work.
"What've you been staring at your feet this whole time? You see that big city up ahead of you? Markarth? Head over there, unless you feel like helping my wife pick crops. And then 50 years later you'll wake up and still be here."
Have you lived here long?
"What kind of question is that? Look at me! Is this a young man's face? I've been here 50 years, and nothing is going to move me off my land."

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

He might also mention his son, ranting:

"My boy Leontius lives in Old Hroldan. Damn drunk."
You said your son is in Old Hroldan?
"That's right. Old inn to the south. The oaf doesn't even bother to visit these days. What am I supposed to do if the dragons burn down the farm? You're a traveler, right? I have this letter for him. Let him know how much of a failure he is."
Hand me the letter. I'll take it to him.
"Good. You make sure the lug tips you when he gets it."
I don't have time.
"Typical. Well don't mind me, then."


He can often be seen conversing with his wife out in the field or in the house:

Vigdis: "How do you think the crops are coming, dear?"
Rogatus: "Terrible. Only a matter of time before soldiers come and burn all my hard work into dust!"
Rogatus: "Look at the sky. Be a terrible day tomorrow. I know it."
Vidgis: "Oh, Rogatus! Maybe tomorrow will be pleasant for once, hmm? It can't be terrible every day!"
Rogatus: "Yes it can. I haven't been wrong in 50 years, and I won't be wrong tomorrow."
Vidgis: "Oh, wipe that frown off your face Rogatus. You've been wearing that frown for over 50 years now."
Rogatus: "You want me to smile? What's there to smile about? Soldiers and dragons are going to be trampling all over the crops this year. I just know it."
Vigdis: "Oh, stop being such a grouch! Not every visitor to the farm wants to burn it down! Maybe they just want to have a nice supper with us, hmm?"
Rogatus: "You don't invite monsters into your home to have supper! I won't have them here, and I'm certainly not smiling for them!"
Vigdis: "Maybe we could invite some of those nice guards over. You know, for some supper?"
Rogatus: "No. I have enough trouble without more mouths to feed! They're the Jarl's men, they can eat supper at the keep."