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Skyrim:Curate Melita's Plea

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Curate Melita's Plea
A warning to not touch an orb, and a rescue request

Priestess Velothi,

You or whoever's reading this, I need your help. Well, that's a stupid thing to write, of course you're reading this, you wouldn't be staring at a piece of paper and not read it, would you?

Not unless you're illiterate or mad. Not "angry" mad but "I clip my toenails with a fork" mad. You get what I mean.

Point is, I think I've found it. The Mask of Sotha Sil, in Kagrenzel, a Dwarven labyrinth with a surprsingly [sic] high vowel count. It's high up on the Velothi Mountains, and you're a Velothi too! Funny how that works out.

There's just one problem. I caught myself in some contraption, and now I'm not sure where I am. We've decided to make camp here, and have one of the mercs I hired find help. He can't write or read or put together a coherent thought, but that's why I'm giving him this letter.

Really, I should have just taken the mask and left the orb. You'd think I'd know better than to fall for a trap that obvious. But the orb was glowing and cute and looked kind of lonely.

Side note, if you come rescue me, DO NOT touch the orb.