Shivering:Madness Ore Materials List

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Book Information
ID 0001f4c2
Value 0 Weight 0.1
Needed for The Antipodean Hammer
Found in the following locations:
  • Handed to the player by Cutter.
Madness Ore Materials List
A list of items required to make Madness Armor

SI-book-Madness Armor.png

Madness Armor

I, Cutter, Master Smith of New Sheoth, by tradition and sacred pledge to my deceased mentor, must forge weapons and armor for any hero who brings me Madness Ore. I will create magical versions of these weapons and armor if the hero provides the needed Ore and the appropriate matrix, which my mentor has hidden throughout the land, drinking in the mystical essences, the blood of the Shivering Isles.

The amount of Madness Ore required to make items is listed below:

1 piece ---- Arrows (per 25)
2 pieces ---- Bow
4 pieces ---- Claymore
2 pieces ---- War Axe
3 pieces ---- Sword

2 pieces ---- Boots
5 pieces ---- Cuirass
2 pieces ---- Gauntlets
3 pieces ---- Greaves
2 pieces ---- Helmet
2 pieces ---- Shield