Shadows of the Hist

Online:Web-Covered Diary

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Book Information
Web-Covered Diary
ID 3957
Collection Library of Incunabula
Found in the following locations:
Web-Covered Diary

The veil is thickest here, the boundary between us and the world above clings to everything, giving the darkness substance. It holds tightly in the absence of light, bringing with it a numbing cold. I find it comforting.
These caves are an ideal environment to tend for our kin. The Silken Ring offers tributes of blood as succor to the fledglings. Nestled in the shadow of their great mother, they will grow large and grow strong, until we release them back into the world.
I am truly blessed by the Spinner. My will calls out to the veil and it moves by my whim. I have woven it into my own web. Through it I can feel the skitter of our kin, the throb of the eggs, the terrified quivering of the prey tossed down for us. The Lady of Lace was wise to grant me this domain.
Now this is interesting. Something disturbs the calm of the shadows that I have not felt before. Intruders. They tug and tear at the snare with purpose, but will their strength endure or will it ebb away as my noose draws tighter? I find myself thrilled to find the answer.