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Release the researchers from the Nereid Queen's influence.
Zone: Craglorn
Quest Giver: Ralai
Location(s): Shada's Tear
Concurrent Quest: The Reason We Fight, The Fallen City of Shada
Reward: Yokudan Coffer of Merit
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Required Level: 50
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Free Nahlia by solving an ancient Nedic puzzle
I ran into a researcher in the city wing of Shada's Tear who told me that the rest of her research team drank the cursed waters of Shada's Tear and went mad. She asked me to save her friend, Nahlia, who was captured by the mad researchers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Solve the Nedic Puzzle Wheel puzzle.
  2. Defeat the three thralled researchers.
  3. Find and free Nahlia.
  4. Talk to Nahlia.
  5. Talk to Ralai.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In the City Wing of Shada's Tear, you will find Ralai sitting with her back to an altar.

"Please, help. I was with the research team that was sent to investigate this wing of the temple. The others drank the water, but Nahlia and I refused to drink it. They attacked me, and then they captured Nahlia and took her deeper into the wing."
Do you know why they took Nahlia?
"Some madness seized them when they drank the water. They kept talking about someone named Shada…and something about a sacrifice? Please. There were three of them—Klause, Squan, and Zifri. They went through the sealed door. You must stop them."

The scroll on the altar, The Light Holds the Way, tells you how to open the door.

"Look only to that which shines to show you the true way."—The Light Holds the Way

At the door to the south, there are three Nedic Wheel Locks with different symbols on each side. To solve the puzzle, look at the lit pillars around the main chamber. They have the same symbols on them. The order is face, serpent, and dragon.

In the next room, you can talk to Rahlia for more information about how to find Nahlia. You need to find the three missing researchers. Defeat Klause, then talk to his golden spirit, He expresses remorse about sacrificing Nahlia. She is in the final chamber. You need to free her before Shada, Master of the Nereids, claims her.

Continue into the ruin, and defeat Conjurer Squan. He summons daedra, making it a tough fight. Squan's spirit reveals that you need two people to free Nahlia; they need to open the locks at the same time.

Continue further into the ruin to Blacksmith Zifri. If she is able to perform Cooled Off, without you making it to the safe area in time, you will die. You need to pay attention to the room just before she casts it, when she is standing at her anvil. Her spirit tells you to "look to the pillars for the key."

After all three of the thralled researchers have been defeated, you have all the clues you need to free Nahlia. Go to the room where she is being held.

Free Nahlia[edit]

You will need to solve the puzzle at almost the exact same time as your group mate to release Nahlia. The solution to the Nedic Puzzle wheels are above the torches on the pillars just behind the wheels.

Talk to Nahlia after you free her, and she limps to the corner of the room.

"They…they handed me over to the Nereids. My own people!"

Nahlia says the Nereid Queen, Shada, is responsible for the cursed water in the ruin. A Daughter of Shada is corrupting the waters in this wing.

Talk to Ralai. She'll take Nahlia back to the main camp, but first she thanks you for helping with some gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

Waters Run Foul
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should read the scroll on the altar and use the prayer wheel to unlock the door deeper into the city wing.
Objective: Unlock the Door By Completing the Puzzle
I unlocked the door. I should follow Ralai deeper into the city wing to find Nahlia.
Objective: Follow Ralai into the Chambers
I need to find the mad researchers so I can save Nahlia.
Objective: Find Researcher Klause
Objective: Find Researcher Squan
Objective: Find Researcher Zifri
Optional Step: Talk to Ralai to Learn More
I should find Nahlia and free her.
Objective: Find Nahlia and Free Her
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