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Home City Necrom
Location Necrom Outlaws Refuge
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 79918
Reaction Friendly

Vinwolime is a High Elf who can be found in the outlaws refuge in Necrom.


Initially speaking to her:

"Something is stirring here. Something deep. Possibly even dark.
I hope to watch it unfold."
"Don't you just enjoy being a part of history? If not, you should.
Even standing within Necrom these days—you don't have to lift a finger to cause an impact."

After completing Keeper of the Fate:

"Ah, it has begun. I feel it. I must stay down in this refuge, but the events unfolding around Necrom—so delightful to observe the ripples spreading outward and nudging people into different patterns."
"Do I know what's happening in Necrom? Yes. And no.
You're in a position to find out more outside this refuge. Why do you linger down here? No, don't answer. That's rhetorical."

After completing An Unhealthy Fate:

"Where should I venture next? And what history will I observe as it spins out from present to past?
I hope to see you again—possibly in the thick of new events, I'd hope."
"I must soon seek out a new place to linger. I feel the story of this place has come to a pause of sorts. Perhaps we'll meet again."