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Vilyn Veleth
Home City Balmora
Location Mages Guild
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Vilyn Veleth is a Dunmer magister who runs the Balmora branch of the Mages Guild.


"The Mages Guild could use a recruit of your caliber. We should talk."
What's the Mages Guild?
"The Mages Guild provides a safe haven for the study of lore and magicka. In fact, one of our current projects involves uncovering and collecting the wisdom of Tamriel, no matter where that wisdom tries to hide.
Would you like to join the guild?"
Mages Guild members gather books?
"Oh, there's more to it than that, I assure you!
We seek to preserve and spread knowledge. It's one of the main goals of the Mages Guild. Every boom our members recover get a copied for our libraries, then distributed throughout Tamriel."
What do I get out of joining the Mages Guild?
"You mean besides the satisfaction for a job well done? Have no fear. The Mages Guild supplies its members with unique spells and abilities. And those who perform well and advance in rank may receive special missions directly from the Guildmaster."
All right. Sign me up for the Mages Guild.
"Excellent decision! I hereby name you a member of the Mages Guild in good standing, with a the privileges that such membership provides.
Your reputation in the guild will increase with every book you recover and collection you complete."

Speaking with him after joining the guild:

"Ah, a fellow adept! I trust your search for knowledge goes well despite all the turmoil in this distant land?"