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Vendi Bouchard
Home Settlement Alcaire Castle
Location Alcaire Marketplace
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Vendi Bouchard

Vendi Bouchard is a Breton who can be found at Alcaire Castle. She is married to Sir Gregory but it is implied that she enjoys flirting with other knights.

Related Quests[edit]


"After all the gold I've spent here, you'd think these backwater merchants would be more grateful. No patience whatsoever. I miss city life. I miss Wayrest.
By the way, have you seen Sir Higgens?"
No. Why do you ask?
"Oh Sir Higgens is such a gentleman.
I'm just waiting for him to come and help me carry all these groceries home."

Once Army at the Gates is completed:

"Soon, my husband and I will travel to Wayrest to get away from these gossipy provincial villagers."


  • Even if Sir Gregory leaves her, her ending dialogue does not differs from when he stays with her.