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Velothril Sisters is a procurement business which focuses on enchanting materials and can be hired for their services. They are never met in person, preferring to honor their obligation via mail. Throughout your contract with them, several of their (unfortunately short-living) employees will send you materials:


Velothril Sisters Correspondence
Number Author Message
201 Velothril Sisters Greetings, new patron! We at Velothril Sisters have purchased your contract from Melina Cassel. It is our aim to provide you with the same outstanding level of service. Though we have included our first delivery, we sent our employee Valgus into the field to recover material which will supplement your enchanting.
205 Velothril Sisters With great regret, we at Velothril Sisters must inform you of the demise of our employee, Valgus. Please accept this delivery from our reserve. We have assigned our employee Gaereleth to handle your account from this point forward. We offer our apologies for this inconvenience.
209 Velothril Sisters With great regret, we at Velothril Sisters inform you of the demise of our employee, Gaereleth. Please accept this complimentary delivery from our reserve. Due to the recent irregularities in your service, we have assigned our most trusted employee Sixul to your account. Again, we offer our profound apologies for this inconvenience.
249 Velothril Sisters We at Velothril Sisters were disheartened to learn of the demise of our employee, Sixul. We hope this complimentary delivery can allay the inconvenience. We are currently reviewing the most capable employee to continue with your account. Until then, we leave you in the capable hands of Valyne Hlan, the procurer who stocks our personal reserves.
299 Velothril Sisters We at Velothril Sisters have learned of the most unprofessional conduct attributed to our former employee, Valyne Hlan. As she maintained deliveries to you throughout her ill-conceived expedition, our contract with you was not technically in violation. Therefore we shall personally see to all future deliveries. Your discretion is appreciated.


  • Though they present themselves as a Dunmer-run business, according to Valyne, it is in fact owned by a Breton company as a front to obtain relics.