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Vek-Drassi Secunia
Home Settlement Hakoshae
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Vek-Drassi Secunia

Vek-Drassi Secunia is an Imperial leading the Proof of Strength during Hakoshae's Proving Festival.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Vek-Drassi can be found at the villager's archery range:

"Hmm? What can I do for you, traveler?"
I'm here to complete the Proof of Strength. The magnate gave me permission.
"You wish to prove yourself before your ancestors? Very well!
To the north lies a cave, wherein beautiful sugar daises grow. Bring me one, and you will have proved your strength."
How does that prove my strength?
"Ah, didn't I mention? The cave also happens to be a senche-lion lair. And I doubt the beasts will be particularly fond of your intrusion.
Best of luck, traveler."
All right, I'll bring you back the flower.
"Make sure to keep your senses about you. Senche-lions aren't beasts to take lightly."
Tell me more about the Proof of Strength?
"The Akaviri have always placed a great emphasis on martial prowess.
The Proof of Strength shows our ancestors that we remain strong and are prepared to face any danger that may befall us."
Are the Akaviri known to be great warriors?
"The greatest! Akaviri warriors are known for both their might and magic. It was only because of their aid that General Reman was able to pacify all of Tamriel under his rule.
Why, it was Akaviri who founded the Dragonguard!"
The Dragonguard?
"Proud warriors who formed the Dragonborn Reman's personal guard.
Unfortunately, they seemed to have disbanded after the Akaviri Potentate fell. I still think they're around, though, waiting for their moment to return."

After you return from the cave with the sugar daisy:

"You have the look of victory about you. Tell me, were you successful?"
I found the flower. Here you go.
"Most impressive. I'd say you've certainly made your ancestors proud!
Good thing, too. Wouldn't want any unhappy spirits mucking about Hakoshae. They'd bring all sorts of misfortune."
Is this another Akaviri belief?
"Quite right! It's part of why honoring our ancestors is so important.
Happy ancestors gift their descendants with good fortune. Wrathful ancestors, well, they do just the opposite. They curse us with misery, desolation, even death."
"Yes, death. Of course, you'd need to perform a great dishonor for such a punishment.
Not that you have to worry about that! You've proven both your reverence and strength. Now it's time to test your wit. Head to the town square and speak to Valoria."
All right, I'll go speak with Valoria.
"Don't dawdle, now! The Proof of Wisdom awaits you back in Hakoshae."

Later on, he will be among the crowd when Magnate Feina-Darak reveals the truth her people.


Outside the quest, he will welcome you to the Proving Festival:

"Lucky for you to arrive in Hakoshae just in time for the Proving Festival! Not many get the honor to see it in all its glory."