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Track and kill a monster bat.
Zone: Bleakrock Isle
Quest Giver: Hoknir
Location(s): Deathclaw's Lair
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Hoknir's bedroll is guarded by a wolf
I've encountered a wounded hunter in the wilds near Bleakrock Village. Hoknir is seriously wounded. He wants some help killing his prey.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Hoknir just outside Bleakrock Village.
  2. Follow the trail of Hoknir's belongings to Deathclaw's Lair.
  3. Pick a piece of meat from a dead deer in front of the lair.
  4. Use it on the pile of bones in front of the lair.
  5. Kill Deathclaw and collect his talon.
  6. Return to Hoknir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Hoknir who can be found just outside Bleakrock Village, to the east. He will tell you that he was wounded when hunting a beast named Deathclaw, and he will suggest that you pick up the task of finding his lair and killing the inhabitant.

The lair is to the southeast of Bleakrock Village and to the south of Skyshroud Barrow. You can find the lair by following Hoknir's thing's that are scattered along the road to the lair; a backpack, some iron arrows, a sword and finally a bedroll. Beware of the nearby wolves that might attack you. When in front of Deathclaw's lair, collect meat from a dead deer and use it on the pile of bones to make Deathclaw fly out. Kill Deathclaw, collect his talon from his body, and bring it back to Hoknir to finish the quest and collect your reward. Hoknir then says that he is going to get back to the village.


Quest Stages[edit]

Tracking the Game
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should be able to find the lair of Deathclaw by following the trail of things he dropped. Once I do, the beast might come out for some food.
Objective: Collect Deathclaw Talon
Objective Hint: Follow Hoknir's Things to the Lair
Objective Hint: Lure Deathclaw with Critter Meat
☑Finishes quest I've slain Deathclaw. I should return to Hoknir and tell him his bounty is dead.
Objective: Talk to Hoknir