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ID 4695
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Collection Clockwork Mnemonix
Found in the following locations:
The Law of Gears
by Proctor Albacron, Second Innovator of the Sacred Flywheel
A collection of lessons learned from Sotha Sil's Law of Gears

In Lord Seht's name, these are the words of the Laws of Gears, annotated with one interpretation of the lesson each law teaches.

* * *

Like a clockwork contraption that consists of many cogs and sprockets, most of us have gears we never use. This is the First Law of Gears, which teaches us that we are capable of more than we believe.

Someone has to crank the flywheel to turn the gears. This is the Second Law of Gears, which teaches us that nothing can be accomplished without hard work.

If the works become gummed up, avoid grinding the gears. This is the Third Law of Gears, which teaches us to think and find another way instead of blindly pressing forward.

Perspiration and hard work turn the gears of invention. This is the Fourth Law of Gears, which teaches us that drudgery comes before inspiration.

Strive to be more than just another cog in the gears of reality. This is the Fifth Law of Gears, which urges us to reach for even the impossible dream.

You have to disassemble the mechanism before you can fiddle with the gears. This is the Sixth Law of Gears, which teaches us to break a problem down to its core components before attempting to solve it.

A pause or a hitch can cause a gear to slip. This is the Seventh Law of Gears, which teaches us that interruptions are counterproductive.

Only a well-oiled gear turns smoothly. This is the Eighth Law of Gears, which teaches us that training and preparation are the lubricants of innovation.

All cogs and sprockets serve the Great Gear. This is the Ninth Law of Gears, which reminds us that we owe fealty and obedience to Lord Seht above all else.

This is the sequence of the words.