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Tertia Falto
Home City Leyawiin
Location In front of Eponis Sabinus's House
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Tertia Falto

Tertia Falto is an Imperial who is standing in front of Eponis Sabinus's House in Leyawiin. She is betrothed to Aloysius Fulvianus.

Related Quests[edit]


If you speak with her before accepting the quest, she'll say:

"I'm not in the mood for conversation. Go chat up another stranger."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

"Just pet the dog. It's harmless. Oh, Tertia, you idiot. No wonder he hasn't ….
Is there something you want? I'd like to be left alone right now."
I found this letter on a body in the wilderness. They said to deliver this letter and ring to you.
"Body? Ring? Reman on high! What's this about …?
Aloysius wrote this? And he's dead? This makes no sense. Howling? Chicken coops? It was just a mangy mutt. I don't even think it was rabid, let alone … oh no, Aloysius. You poor fool."
What is it?
"He wasn't cursed. He was hallucinating. The toad that Argonian used to ease his pain must have been too strong for him. Aloysius convinced himself he was a werewolf and he—he ….
This is the second worst proposal I've ever had."
The second worst?
"I was once kidnapped by a crazed Sul-Xan warlord and offered the heads of my neighbors as a dowry. I'd rather not talk about it. I've had more than a dozen failed engagements in my life. If anyone here is cursed, it's me.
But it's not all bad news."
How's that?
"Aloysius didn't run off and leave me, like half the others. He even gave his life to protect me. I've never had anyone love me that much. Is it wrong that makes me happy?
Take this for delivering my betrothed's last wishes. It was kind of you."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest she will say:

"This is some of the worst news you could have brought me, but even so, it's not all bad."
How so?

If you speak to her after the quest, she'll say:

"I wonder if the Temple of Mara would marry us posthumously? It was his dying wish after all. Maybe I should employ a priest of Arkay for the ceremony, so he can pass on without regrets?"
You want to marry your dead suitor?
"Well, why not? I've had absolutely no luck with the living and it's what he wanted.
I'd rather die a widow than an old maid."
I can't argue with that.
"It's not like this is how I dreamed of getting married, but after being jilted so many times I may as well marry a man who can't change his mind.
You may not get it, but for your sake I hope you never have to."