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Recover the missing relics for the High Temple.
Zone: Alik'r Desert
Objective: Satakalaam — Defeat Satakalaam's invaders.
Quest Giver: High Priest Zuladr
Location(s): Satakalaam
Reward: Tava's Mercy
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
The relics in the temple
Imperial invaders ransacked the Temple of Satakalaam, killing the priests, defiling the temple, and stealing the relics. High Priest Zuladr has asked me to reclaim the relics so he can restore the temple.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to High Priest Zuladr.
  2. Recover and replace the relics.
  3. Return to Zuladr.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to High Priest Zuladr, he will say different things depending if you are wearing an Imperial disguise.

With disguise: "You wear Imperial armor, but I can see in your face that you are not one of them. Perhaps you will understand my misery then. This was the most beautiful temple in all Alik'r ... before the Imperials came. I do not know if it can be restored."

Without disguise: "Believe it or not, this is the High Temple of Satakalaam. Everyone agreed it was the most beautiful temple in all Alik'r ... before the Imperials came. But they have defiled our sacred space. I do not know how we can restore its former glory."

Quest Stages[edit]

Temple's Treasures
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must recover the Sword of Shabnam, Majeel's Scroll, and the Lamp of Satakalaam.
Objective: Recover Temple Relics
Hidden Objective: Recover the Sword of Shabnam
Hidden Objective: Recover Majeel's Scroll
Hidden Objective: Recover the Lamp of Satakalaam
I recovered the relics. I should return to the temple now and speak to High Priest Zuladr.
Objective: Return to High Priest
I must now restore the three relics to their respective altars.
Objective: Replace Sword of Shabnam
Objective: Replace Majeel's Scroll
Objective: Replace the Lamp of Satakalaam
☑Finishes quest I restored the relics to their respective altars. I should speak once more with High Priest Zuladr.
Objective: Talk to High Priest Zuladr
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