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Suspicious Monkey
Home City Sentinel
Species Monkey
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Suspicious Monkey
The monkey's true form, an Orc

The Suspicious Monkey is a monkey found in Sentinel, in an alley west of the Sisters of the Sands Inn. He is actually Mordrog gro-Burgal, an Orc who was unwillingly turned into a monkey after drinking a potion sold to him by Unishi. After the completion of the related quest, he will turn back into his old self and run to the Frozen Palms Tavern.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Monkey Magic: Help a monkey to reverse the effects of a potion.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

"Don't even think about it! If you try to pick me up and give me a kiss, I'll bite your nose off!
I may look like a monkey, but I'm not a monkey, and I'm done being treated this way!"
If you're not a monkey, what are you?
"I'm an Orc. Don't laugh—it's true.
I just got cheated by this damn Baandari potion-maker! She sold me a potion that turned me into ... this! A puny little monkey!"
You don't seem too happy about that.
"Of course not!
Listen. You have to help me. You have to find that wench and make her change me back! It was the Khajiit potion maker, Unishi. She's in the tavern. Please—you have to."
All right. I'll go see the potion maker.

If you talk to him again without the potion:

"Thank you stranger! I'd go myself, but the streets aren't safe!
Kids keep trying to grab me, and one man tied me up and made me dance! Then he even took all the money!"

Once you have a potion from Unishi, you can complete the quest:

"Oh, am I ever glad to see you again … do you have a banana? I mean … do you have a potion? To change me back?"
Yes. This potion will turn you back.
"Mauloch's nethers, it sure will feel good to be myself again.
Last time I ever do business with a Baandari!"

The monkey then transforms into Mordrog gro-Burgal without any clothes on, and the Orc runs over to the tavern.

Mordrog gro-Burgal: "Free! Ha ha ha! Meet me at the tavern. I'll buy you a drink!"

If you decide to take him up on his offer, you'll find him in the Frozen Palms Tavern:

"There you are! Say, about that drink… I'm afraid I spent my last gold on this one.
Maybe next time!"