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Online:Solus Vertilus's Journal

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Book Information
ID 3734
Collection Gold Coast Tomes
Found in the following locations:
Solus Vertilus's Journal
by Solus Vertilus
A journal witnessing the sighting of a lone Ayleid spirit

Beldaburo is just in sight now. There doesn't appear to be much remaining of the above ground structure, but Ayleid substructures are known to have endured elsewhere, so I'll hope something remains that hasn't collapsed.
* * *
A tribe of minotaurs seems to have taken roost at the Ayleid ruins. Less than ideal, but perhaps it's a good sign. Beldaburo can't be in terrible shape if the minotaurs camp there.
* * *
This spyglass was a good investment. I've been keeping watch on the minotaurs from a safe distance for a few days now. I hoped that they were simply using it as a stop over on some migratory journey, but it seems they've made the location their home.
* * *
I thought I saw light from the ruins tonight. Not torchlight. Something more radiant and steady. Some lingering Ayleid magic? Something the minotaurs are doing?
* * *
I've come to the conclusion that these minotaurs haven't delved farther than the exterior of Beldaburo. They don't appear to be attempting to expand into the ruins at all, so what has drawn them to this place? I would have assumed that the minotaurs tend to congregate around Ayleid ruins out of a need for shelter, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
* * *

What if the minotaurs are drawn to these places on some instinctual level? Is there some throwback echo of memory from Morihaus's blood fueling their desire to linger in these places?

* * *
The minotaurs have stepped away from the ruins this morning. I think they're hunting. I'm going to see if I was right about there being more to this ruin than just a few visible tumbled stones.
* * *
The light! It has a shape to it! That of a Man or Mer, but it slipped past the door before I could get a good look. I've yet to discern a means of opening the doorway thus far. I hope to figure it out before the minotaurs return from their hunt.