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Shriven Blademaster
Location Outside the Everfull Flagon
Race Nord Gender Varies
Health 31364
Reaction Hostile Class Ravager
Other Information
Condition Soul-Shriven
Shriven Blademaster

Shriven Blademasters are Nord Soul-Shriven who can be found amidst the ruins around the Everfull Flagon in Coldharbour. It is implied that they are some of the former patrons which succumbed to the loss of their souls.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Quick Strike
Basic melee attack which causes physical damage.
A melee attack that causes moderate physical damage and knock back if it connects. This attack can be blocked to set the enemy off balance.
The enemy swings its sword around, doing minor physical damage to all enemies in front of it. This attack has no red cone indicator.