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Location Blackwood Borderlands
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Shazara-Ta is an Argonian boatswain and tracker native to Black Marsh. She speaks Tamrielic as a second language. She is an old acquaintance of Green-Venom-Tongue, and an enthusiast in all things Shadowscale.


If spoken to during A Ghost From The Past, before departing to the Blackwood Borderlands:

"Of little use is horse and cart once we reach borders of the Marsh. From there, we ride a riverboat to sacred place.
The flow of the waterways, like swimming in my hatching pool or tracking a guar through mud. You worry not."

If spoken to after arriving at the borderlands:

"You stink like death, strange one. Just what are you? No, better not to tell me. If the Shadowscale trusts you, then so will I. For now."

If spoken to after your business in the local Sanctuary is complete:

"The Shadowscale wants to linger? I expected as much. Come, my boat sails to Gold Coast if where you want to go that is."

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