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Location Shada's Tear, Hall of Worship
Species Nereid
Health 497,957 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile

Shada is an ancient nereid and the queen of her kind found inside Shada's Tear. She is responsible for the curse plaguing the water there.

Her presence in the city dates all the way back to the time of the Nedes, where she installed herself as the figurehead of the new religion in the city, replacing the worship of the stars. She made a pact with the city's leader during the Yokudan invasion, guaranteeing them the strength to drive back the invaders at the cost of becoming her eternal thralls.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Poison Bolt
A basic ranged attack dealing high poison damage.
Ice Bolt
A basic ranged attack causing high frost damage.
Winter Bolt
A stronger ranged attack causing very high frost damage.
Poison Geyser
Shada summons a poison geyser beneath your feet, exploding with a delay as indicated by a slowly growing red AoE, dealing very high poison damage.
Shada summons a storm of poisoned wind all around herself in close range, dealing massive continuous damage over time. This attack can be interrupted.
Summon Maidens
Upon reaching 50% health, she calls out to her Shield Maidens to assist her by granting her immunity to all incoming damage. All four shield maidens must be killed in order to make her vulnerable again. After being slain for a first time, the four maidens will be summoned again later on if Shada is still alive.
Summon Nedes
In conjunction with the shield maidens, Shada summons shortly after an army of Nede, comprising of Nedic Ice Mages, Nedic Warrior and most critically, four Nedic Archmages on the platforms surrounding the arena.
Poisoned Water
After summoning her allies, the water in the arena becomes lethal to the touch, causing massive continuous poison damage when standing in it.
Shada's Ground
While her allies are active, the stone platform underneath Shada becomes enveloped with a toxic mist, causing a one-hit kill if you attempt to step on it to avoid the poisoned water.
Power of the Risen
After being summoned on the platforms, the four Nedic archmages begin preparing their devastating magic bolt attacks. After charging it for long enough, they all unleash their magic bolts all at once, dealing devastating damage and knocking you back into the poisoned water for almost guaranteed death if you are hit. Their casting can be interrupted but even one or two bolts are enough to cause lethal damage. The bolts themselves can be dodged through however with the right timing. The archmages will repeatedly perform this attack with no cooldown until they are slain. Similar to the shield maidens, slain archmages will respawn after enough time if Shada remains alive for long enough.
Platform Geysers
If you take too long to handle the shield maidens and Nedic archmages, Shada starts sprouting poison geysers on all four platforms that are safe from the poisoned water, indicated by growing red circular AoEs, dealing high poison damage.
Poison Vomit
On rare occasions, Shada will projectile vomit poison in a wide cone in front of her, as indicated by a red cone AoE, dealing high poison damage. However, this attack is uncommon and has short range compared to her other moves so it's not as threatening as the rest of her arsenal.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Reason We Fight[edit]

A vision of Shada

She can be seen for the first time in a vision within the Burial Grounds, where she is making a deal with Zal'ik.

Shada: "With this binding, our pact is sealed. Are you ready to pledge your lives to me and receive in return the strength to drive the invaders from your doors?"
Zal'ik: "I will not permit our people to be slaughtered in their very homes. Do with us what you will, and grant us victory this day!"
Shada: "Then I take your soul and the souls of all those present to seal this oath. So long as these phylacteries lie undisturbed, our oath will remain unbroken and your soul will be at rest."
Shada: "Now, let the waters of this city flow with strength for its people. Let them drink and drive back the Yokudans.
Rest well, Zal'ik, and know that today you have saved your people from certain destruction."

The Fallen City of Shada[edit]

She can be encountered after the City and the Burial Grounds are purified. She's angry with you for undoing her work.

Shada: "Murderer! Slaughterer of innocents! These people are under my protection! I alone gave them hope! I alone gave them a future! Leave now and I will spare you. Enter, and your fate will be the same as the Yokudans before you!"

Entering the Hall of Worship:

Shada: "You defy me then. Very well. I will not allow you to destroy my people. Instead, I will destroy you."

Entering the spider caves:

Shada: "The way to me won't be that easy. But continue if you must. My pet awaits you and he's hungry."

Seeing the first group of spiders:

Shada: "Even nature itself has joined with me. Why do you resist? Why not join me? I can give you all the power you would ever need, just as I gave power to the people of this city!"

Approaching Muhma the Stinger:

Shada: "Have you ever watched a spider play with its food? It's exhilarating."

After killing Muhma the Stinger:

Shada: "You kill innocent creatures that only wish to live. Spiders, Nedes, it matters not to you, does it? The thrill of the kill. Just like the Yokudans, you lay waste to everything in your path."

Nearing the end of the spider caves:

Shada: "Doesn't it gnaw at you? All these years, buried beneath the sands, and suddenly a hole opens and there it is—the lost city! It's no coincidence. There are forces at work that you should fear far more than you fear me."

Emerging from the spider caves:

Shada: "Be careful where you step, mortal. These nereids are my shield maidens. They empower those I protect. They could empower you, if only you would give yourself to me."

Traversing the tunnels:

Shada: "Those who once walked among the stars now tread upon the ground, destroying everything in their path. Don't you want to defeat them? All you need to do is drink the water …."

Entering the second-to-last chamber:

Shada: "Murderer! I opened my city to you. I offered you hope and you repay me with destruction! Fine. Then let the destroyer be destroyed!"

Approaching Shada:

Shada: "Your resistance ends here. I will bend you to my will. Make you commander of my armies. Not even the Celestials will stand against us!"

She summons Shield Maidens to give her a damage shield. They must be defeated in order for you to be able to damage Shada again.

Shada: "Maidens, give me your power and protection!"

At 50%, she starts summoning Nedic Archmages. You must interrupt them or else they'll deal massive damage and knock you back into the water.

Shada: "You are no match for the ancient magic of my most powerful servant."

When she reaches 25%

Shada: "No. I will not be defeated. I will devour you!"