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Home Settlement Redfur Trading Post
Location Across from the prison
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Onglor is a Bosmer who can be found at the Redfur Trading Post. He cannot be spoken with.


He can be heard talking to Araltil about the Falinesti Winter Site. Before the objective is complete:

Onglor: "Dominion soldiers are looking for something at the Falinesti Winter site, but frost trolls hinder their progress. Frost trolls!"
Araltil: "What are frost trolls doing in Grahtwood? Or soldiers for that matter! Wait—what about your friend in the Falinesti faith?"
Onglor: "Yes, headed for their annual pilgrimage. I hope she's alright."

After the objective at the Winter Site is complete:

Onglor: "Did you hear Rajhin's Mantle was discovered at the Falinesti Winter Site?"
Araltil: "Rajhin's Mantle? General Endare has another feather in her cap!"
Onglor: "Not exactly. I heard she died recovering it. Must have been a really vicious frost troll."