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Accept the Erabenimsun Tribe's challenge and hunt a crazed cliff strider.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar
Location(s): Ald'ruhn, Erabenimsun Camp
Prerequisite Quest: Ashlander Relations
Reward: Huntmaster's Recognition
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5912
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Old Stomper's nesting grounds
Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar of the Erabenimsun Ashlander tribe has given me a challenge. He wants me to hunt the dangerous cliff strider they call Old Stomper.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar.
  2. Travel to Erabenimsun Camp to find Old Stomper's trail.
  3. Follow Old Stomper's trail.
  4. Find the nest.
  5. Search the nesting ground.
  6. Kill Old Stomper and collect its trophy.
  7. Return to Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar at Ald'ruhn may offer you this daily quest once you have completed Ashlander Relations. He will ask you to hunt down a crazed Cliff Strider, a variant of the typical cliff strider. This cliff strider has been named Old Stomper and can be found in the Ashlands east of Bal Ur.

The huntmaster advises you to follow the tracks made by Old Stomper, starting at the fork of the road west of the Erabenimsun Camp. Continue to interact with the markers that appear on your map until you reach an open area— northeast of Suran— with a cliff skipper sitting on a rock. When you make your approach towards the cliff skipper, Old Stomper will fly in. Aside from its larger health pool, it is indistinguishable from generic cliff striders.

Kill it and return to the huntmaster for your daily reward coffer.


  • Old Stomper spawns the moment you approach its lair, even if you haven't yet completed the tracking stages. It is found directly south of the initial marker, right underneath the bend of the road that stretches past Erabenimsun Camp and northeast of Suran.

Quest Stages[edit]

Old Stomper Hunt
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The crazed cliff strider known as Old Stomper is apparently attacking another Erabenimsun camp to the southeast. The Huntmaster wants me to track the creature, locate its next, and dispatch it with due haste.
Objective: Hunt Down Old Stomper
Objective Hint: Search for Old Stomper's Trail
Objective Hint: Follow Old Stomper's Trail
Objective Hint: Find Old Stomper's Nest
Objective Hint: Search Old Stomper's Nesting Ground
Finishes quest☑ I successfully hunted the ancient cliff strider known to the Erabenimsun as Old Stomper. Now I should return to the Huntmaster and present him with the trophy.
Objective: Return to Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar
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